Georgia native, Addy C is a 7 year-old Latina Pop artist from metro Atlanta area. Despite her young age, Addy has more than one talent under her belt. She loves to sing, dance, and even play piano. In addition to her growing music career, Addy also utilizes her talents in beauty by competing in beauty pageants. Addy has won many titles, since the young age of four years old. Addy dreams of becoming a pop star one day, and she has the resume to prove it. Besides posting covers on the popular site, YouTube, Addy also has a big following at Karaoke nights in the Canton, and Woodstock, Georgia area. We caught up with Addy C to talk about her current projects within music, her interest in Pageants, and what is next for her music career for the rest of 2016 and into the new year!

When did you start singing? You also have other talents, like dancing and playing piano! Is this always something you wanted to do? Well I am only 7 and i started when i was 4, so yes I always wanted to! [Laughs]

If you could sing a song right now with any pop star, who would it be? Either Shakira, or J-Lo, both bilingual Latinas!

You also compete in beauty pageants, correct? What do you like best about these competitions? I like the beautiful dresses, being onstage, and of course being crowned is great.

Out of the songs you have posted, which is your favorite and why? COMO LA FLOR! Because I am a huge fan of Selena, and I think I am a lot like her!

What do you like best about performing? I love to sing, first of all, and I love to hear the cheers and applause. I feel that I was born to be a singer!

What is next for you all in 2016/early 2017? I am going to compete in some natural beauty pageants, and some talent competitions. I hope to try out for LA VOZ KIDS. I have already been in a movie, and I hope to be cast in more movies next year. I am also working in the studio on an original CUMBIA song, in Spanish, its gonna be good.


Two of Addy’s covers were #1, and #2 for airplay in September on internet radio:

All of Addy C’s covers can be heard on radio, and the free app.


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