Welcome! I proudly invite you to celebrate the new release of a project I’ve envisioned for such a long time… Entertwine.


I never thought I would start something and build it from the bottom up – especially a blog! Originally when coming up with the idea of starting and running a blog, I wasn’t too sure it was exactly what I wanted to do. I have always been on Youtube posting drum covers – I have played the drums since I was 15 years old and started a youtube channel shortly after that. Over the past 5 or so years of posting videos and accumulating millions of views which I am very grateful for, I decided I was ready to showcase talent other than my own. I have been very blessed to meet countless numbers of musicians, & really felt compelled to bring these multiple channels of entertainment together in a fun and unique way – all while giving due credit to the many talented people I have met through the years that I have been online and in the music & entertainment scene.

The name Entertwine came to me one day while sitting in my Public Relations class as my professor was lecturing. (Alright, Mom & Dad, I wasn’t really listening – BUT if I was, I wouldn’t be typing this right now probably!). It took months to even think of a name, which was incredibly frustrating considering I had the exact vision and idea of what I wanted the blog to represent, yet no name. My original (and current) idea for the blog is to have sort of a ‘hub;’ a place where anyone can come to discover and enjoy entertainment interviews, and or news – and have it all kind of mesh together. I knew Entertainment was the main word to play off of. I then started to brainstorm words that represented a “coming together.” So I thought of intertwine. I then realized that both Entertainment and Intertwine could be meshed together perfectly, and that was when Entertwine was born.

All of the logo work and web design came after. Many long nights and days went into building this website from the ground up on my own. I had the idea of bringing others onboard to help, but I learned quite quickly that if you want something done your way, you just have to tackle it yourself, so I did exactly that. I have found in the past that anything that you put your heart and soul into on your own – with blood, sweat, and tears, results in a finished product that is organically yours, and it’s a refreshing thing. This is what I did with this blog – but I won’t take all of the credit for it because I had many creative minds in on brainstorming sessions too. You know who you are, and I appreciate the overwhelming support and drive that has motivated me to get this blog up and running.

I hope each and every one of you use this website as a place to read, learn, grow, discover, respect, & enjoy the many talents that individuals bring to the table and the efforts that go in to any type of creation.

With Love & Respect,

Jacqueline S. Cassell

(Founder & Creator)

About The Author

Jacqueline Cassell

Jacqueline is the creator and founder of Entertwine.net. She finds thrill in discovering new artists and giving them the recognition the deserve, which is how Entertwine came to fruition. For more information about Jacqueline, please visit the About tab at the top of the page or visit her website www.JacquelineCassell.net!

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