Born and bred Chicagoan, Akula, is a natural in the performing arts. Lately, he has been committed to the release of his music project; and by unleashing “Queen”, a single off the anticipated project, he pairs the soulfulness wrapped in his musical heart and his passion for women’s empowerment.

Tell us about your most recent single, “Queen”! What went into the making of this work? Queen is my baby! It is my realization of who a real Queen is, what she looks like, how she moves, and how the world responds to her. There is a lot that goes into an actual Queen so I definitely had to take my time to really create the soft sweetness to the sound. I teamed with producers, Marc Solomon and Add Vice to bring it to life.

What is your main goal for this upcoming release? I am fresh artist, an artist with a message. My main goal is to introduce myself, my music, and my sound to the world. I have been keeping my voice quiet for too long.

What is your favorite part about this work? My favorite part about Queen, besides the create process, I really enjoy the scene and the ambiance it creates. The feeling. Some of the my fans have told me that it reminds them of a movie scene of an elaborate story.

What would you say was the most challenging part of putting together this EP? Honestly, I am independent. Money was the most challenging. That’s all I will say about that. Ha ha.

Besides the release, what is next for you in 2017? I am calling this year, “the year for sharing”

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