Matthias Speck started making music in 2004. Together with friends he had been promoter of the music festival “Gratwanderung Festival” in a quarry near Leipzig, Germany. He lives in Berlin and in his music productions he brings together elements of classical music with the early days´sound of house and techno. With his side project “Back For Good” Matthias produces music that is inspired by his early New Wave roots. Since 2008 Matthias is running the record label Mancha Recordings where he releases own music and productions of musically like-minded friends.

Entertwine: How did you get involved into your genre of House/Techno/Classical music? I got involved to electronic music in the age of 10 when my cousin had the first house and techno mix tapes. I immediately liked it because I felt that there is so much energy into this music. Later I also found pleasure in the the compositions of J.S. Bach, Max Richter Ólafur Arnalds and others.

Tell us about your current releases? What make them unique when compared to your past work? Currently I´m mainly focused on doing edits and remixes of 80s Wave tracks and producing Electro and Wave influenced stuff. For this I use my alter ago Back For Good. Basically I like both: Experimenting with classical instruments in electronic music on the one hand with my real name Matthias Speck and having fun with the somehow old school sounding productions I make using my Alter Ego Back For Good. I have just released the Back For Good – Hello Again EP on Mancha Recordings in April and I´m currently working on new music.

What about the upcoming release on Mancha Recordings that will be coming up soon? What can you tell us about that? The next release on Mancha Recordings will be an EP by Rik Elmont coming in autumn. Rik is a long term friend of mine, has already released music on Aura Karma records and is part of the nachtdigital festival crew. He has made some great dirty analogue tracks and recorded them with an old akai tape recorder. For this EP we will work together with a new distribution partner so that our records will be available in over 100 records shops worldwide.

What is next for you in 2016?
First of all I´m looking forward to Rik´s Mancha release. I also think there will be one more Back for Good release this year and some cooperations with music making friends.

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