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  • Those Who Dream: Australian Brothers Pair Dark Lyrics With Bubbly Pop-Rock
    Those Who Dream: Australian Brothers Pair Dark Lyrics With Bubbly Pop-Rock
  • AP Coley
    AP Coley
  • Nothing But You
    Nothing But You
  • DOLO
  • Adam Prince King
    Adam Prince King
  • Nika
  • 10past9
  • Henry Metal
    Henry Metal
  • Rampancy at Midnight
    Rampancy at Midnight
  • Banknote Mitch
    Banknote Mitch
Those Who Dream: Australian Brothers Pair Dark Lyrics With Bubbly Pop-Rock

Those Who Dream is a Perth Pop Rock duo consisting of brothers Josh & Cooper Meyer. The duo have become synonymous with crazy-energetic live shows, switching instruments and jumping between electronic and rock infused tunes. Online, the brothers create shocking cover music videos, which have gained the attention of Pop Buzz & Alternative Press, and have garnered a passionate social media following, known for stylising their interactions with the bands type logo; “( < )”.

Life in Cyan is out May 30 and available for pre-order now at!

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AP Coley

Name: AP Coley
Age: 25
Genre: Hip Hop & R&B
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Influences: Ludacris, Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, Young Chulo.

Upcoming Shows: July 1st, 2017 The North East Florida Freedom Is NORML Music and Arts Festival In my hometown Jacksonville, FL.

Current Projects/Releases: My New Album Spark released 4/25/2017

AP Coley – Bad Habits ( Prod. CuhLilWoe & Infinite Amo)

Two Additional Singles From The Album:
AP Coley – There’s More (Prod. CuhLilWoe & Bluff Gawd)

AP Coley – Black Caesar Feat. Young Chulo (Prod. CuhLilWoe & Bluff Gawd) Zsa

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Nothing But You

Name: Nothing But You
Genre: Blues, Jazz, Easy Listening
Hometown: San Francisco

Nothing But You is Japan’s dreamy duo from San Francisco whose music breathes new life into the lounge and blues genre. Nothing But You would sound best in the basement of a smoky jazz club, somewhere deep in a big city. The sound of “Nothing But You” is ambient lounge music that takes advantage of Nicky’s unique voice, creating a new artistic expression based on a sound collage of Blues, Soul, and Jazz.

After the debut release of the album “Meant To Be”, Nicky now steps up her game with ‘Lips’. The lovely ballad puts Nicky’s style somewhere in between jazz and singer lounge.

Current Projects/Releases: Japanese – American singer Nicky releases her new single “Lips” via all digital partners. “LIPS” is an easy listening – ballad style song of awards winning singer Nothing But You, NICKY. Written by Multi-award winning singer/songwriter Emine SARI and Multi-platinum winning engineer and producer with scores of legendary artists including Eric Clapton, Lara Fabian, Rod Stewart and B.B. King… Joel Evenden, which was released by Phoenix Records.

Listen to “Lips” single:

Watch the lyric video:

Nicky is planning to record a new album at the Abbey Road Studios with Turkish and British producers.

Connect With Nothing But You:


Name: DOLO
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Influences: James Blake, Kanye West, The Avalanches

Dolo is a new artist from Toronto with a passion for music. Taking elements from Electronic music, Hip-hop, Soul, Drum & Bass and more, Dolo creates music that puts you in another world. His upcoming project, “Universe City” features artists, Polo Lex, Zeen Sloshenburger and Solo Island and it set to be released independently May 19th, 2017.

Current Release: “The Keys” featuring Polo Lex
Upcoming Release: The album, “Universe City” coming out May 19th, 2017

Social Media Links:

Adam Prince King

Shiny, lyrical pop from London-born Cypriot producer-vocalist Adam Prince King. Idiosyncratic from the womb, much to his mothers dismay, Adam would often head to primary school in a midnight blue velvet waistcoat and red bow tie, convincingly telling the teacher that he had a wedding to attend after class, often caught out but rarely giving a flying f**k. Not much has changed – as his name suggests, Adam Prince King is a man in charge of his musical output and image – from the moody, sensual, tropical-pop of debut single Flamingo’s to the honest surrender of ‘Before The Sun goes Down’ a track that could make you cry, dance & make an atheist pray all in 3 minutes, Adam writes songs du jour that are catchy-as-hell yet unafraid of vulnerability. Visually, you won’t catch him dead in a bow-tie, but his striking artistry and his effortless love affair with the eccentric-cool only adds to the musical tapestry. Russian-born photographer/director Vasilisa Forbes directs a flamboyant, playful performance for newcomer Adam Prince King. When a video shot in 4:3 colours its pillarboxes pastel-pink, you know you’re in for a bright, fun visual. Cutting between an array of dancers and shots of King in various excellent costumes, the simple performance setups manage to keep the video feeling alive, whilst inviting you to gaze in awe at King’s DIY stylish world.

The music hit “Flamingos” by Adam Prince King has been added to Sort Hits during 2017 as a new Pop single release.

Connect with Adam Prince King:


Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, Nika is an up-n-coming rapper/songstress paving a new sound in the hip-hop scene. With her soft voice and catchy hooks, Nika shines the light on what it’s like to be a side chick with her first EP “Two Sides”. She brings a breathe of fresh air and female perspective on the otherwise male-dominated industry with story lines many people can relate to. Her influences include Kanye, Princess Nokia, Dej Loaf, Abra and Drake.

Check out her unique style and follow to get updated on new singles and tour dates here:



Name: 10past9

Genre: Neo Soul / R&B

Hometown: West coast! OC! San Bernardino! All over…

Influences: Odis Redding, The Whispers, Little AnthonyNeo Soul so of course Music Soulchild and Bilal.

My name is Kyle, I’m 28 and I do Neo soul/ R&B. My project, which I haven’t titled yet because the stars haven’t aligned properly yet, is coming out in the middle of June!

My IG is @10past9
My SoundCloud is

Henry Metal

Name: Henry Metal
Hometown: California
Influences : Megadeth, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Dio
Current Release – “So It Hath Begun” debut LP

Henry Metal is arguably one of the most interesting heavy metal artists to debut in 2017 and we can expect to hear alot more from him… about chicks, people who annoy him, and all the other things we think but dare not say. His newly released singles from the upcoming LP So it Hath Begun are certain to kick off decades of high quality rock music destined to make us laugh and cry at the world we share and the humans we share it with.

Lest we consider Henry Metal as merely some kind of comedy act, I would direct your attention to the technical skill, composition, performance and extreme soul with which his performance and message is delivered. Simple yet elegant, the classic metal recipe is crisply presented with evolved and re-imagined purpose and style. And as we metal heads have always been a peculiarly intelligent and rebellious bunch, we can all appreciate the potent dichotomy of conflicting emotions that Henry draws on to remind us what it means to be alive.

Rampancy at Midnight

Rampancy at Midnight is a conceptual project based in Lexington, KY that intertwines and defies genre while blending personal experiences with thought provoking story telling. Inspired by such acts as The Strokes, The Pillows, Green Day, and Daft Punk, Rampancy’s eclectic background results in a indie rock sound like no other! Rampancy just released a second EP titled “In Which This” on April 28th, 2017 composed of 6 tracks ( All of our music can be found on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, and more. To quickly follow this release, a third EP is scheduled for release 4th quarter of 2017.


Banknote Mitch

A career in rap is never guaranteed. Scrolling through iTunes can read like a roll-call of nobodies and trivia answers. So many artists explode onto the scene with that one great song and then immediately fall off. Because of the twisted part of human nature that enjoys to see people fail, artists who only shine bright in a quick flash tend to get more attention than those who claw their way to the top, or even to the middle but we end that today. Today we celebrate one of the biggest comebacks in underground southern hip-hop. Banknote Mitch released “Now or Never” April 2nd. “Now or Never” has been climbing the charts since the very second it dropped. This Ep has been labeled a street Album and garnered attention from some of the biggest names in music. It’s clear that Charlotte, North Carolina’s own Banknote Mitch is back and better than ever. @banknotemitch