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Indie-Pop Artist, Natalie Major Releases Lyric Video For Single, “Human”

Indie Singer/Songwriter Natalie Major creates a soulful blend of pop melody mixed with ambience in her most recent single “Human”. The track is produced by Robot Koch of a four-minute stunner that takes you by the hand with it’s soft … Read More

Sammy Porter Discusses New Single, “How You Feel” and Future Album Plans

Sammy Porter is a renowned DJ & Remixer from London UK. His unique style covers house & dance music and his gig roster spans Europe and the middle east. His recent single “How You Feel” reached number 10 on iTunes … Read More

Hip-Hop/Soul Artist, MC² Talks New Single, “It’s Ok” and Upcoming Album

Louis “LQ” Iverson and Keith ”Smeazy” Passmore, combine the experience, wisdom, and knowledge of everyday life with the mastery of Hip Hop and Soul Music. As prior military members, the group got it’s start in Washington, DC. Now as civilians, … Read More

Kitari Discuss Anticipated Release, “The Breath of Empty Space”

Equally inspired by the Chili Peppers, MC5 and U2, NYC-based psychedelic funkers KITARI are a high-energy power trio combining memorable melodies with epic, spaced-out rock hooks. They are currently playing sweat-drenched shows in and around the Big Apple in support … Read More

Mia Rio Releases New Single, “Dynamite Love”

Mia Rio is a new breed of Pop artist. The Brazilian-born singer combines vibey and catchy Pop sounds with meaningful, positive and/or conscious lyrics. She believes Pop music can evolve from its traditional “sex sells” formula and offer more substantial … Read More

Draper Talks Recent Album Release, “A Window’s Life”

Draper (now King Draper after album release) is an Alabama emcee who strives to provide influence through his music. Draper aims to promote aspects of life you don’t normally get from this generation’s rappers such as love, unity, knowledge and … Read More

Hip Hop Artist, Vitality Talks New Releases, Plans For 2017

Brandon, better known as, Vitality, is a 26-year-old Hip-Hop artist from Las Vegas, NV. This is where Vitality picked up music – in the 8th grade to be exact. Vitality has been producing and making music since the 10th grade … Read More

Pop Music Phenom David Shane Talks Upcoming Album Release, “Broken Alive”

Pop music phenom David Shane is preparing to have a breakout year in 2017. Having just finished recording with Los Angeles music producer/engineer Hagay Mizrahi of Gemini Musiq (whose credits include Justin Bieber, Mario, PooBear, Christina Milian, Lil Jon and … Read More

BIINDS Releases EP, “Bloodlines On Ancient Skin” and Talks 2017 Plans

BIINDS’ atmospheric world is based on soothing vocals soaked in a luxurious trip-hop and light orchestral ambient mixture.It was founded by Berlin based Nicolo Sommer and features a revolving door of artists. Where did the band name, BIINDS come from? The … Read More

Hip-Hop Artist, Conscious Releases New Mixtape, “Waking Up The Neighbors”

Brett Prusinski going under stage name “Conscious” is a 22yr old Western New York native. Conscious brings melodic, sensual vibes packed with witty, emotional and memorable lyrical verses that matches over unique and funky production. Along with a pure flow … Read More