Blak Pope is an upcoming Hip hop /rap artist from Seattle, WA. A messenger with a distinct flow and captivating sounds. . Originally from Cameroon, West Africa, he is spreading his wings globally. His new album to be release ”WORK” will definitely tell you this rising star cannot be boxed.

Tell us about your most recent single “Bright Star” from your upcoming album “WORK”. What went into the making of this work? Bright Star is a song I wrote to encourage everyone going thru tough times to continue to fight and to never give up. Life is full of obstacles /challenges but you have to keep pushing hard. Everyone has a bright star, some have reached theirs and others are still trying to get there.

I was born in Cameroon, West Africa, in a small coastal town called Limbe. I grew up in a very poor community where nothing is been handed to you, you have to be a go getter even as a kid. So my entire life, I have been fighting to reach my star.

In 2009, after relocating to the U.S, I knew I had move one step closer to my star. I remember me having a dialogue with myself and I said‘’ welcome to the land of endless opportunities, a place where you can be anything you want. I love writing music but unfortunately while I was still leaving in Cameroon, It was not easy to find a professional studio to record. Also I listen to a lot of hip hop/pop/R&B music and back then there was not a lot of folks doing these genres of music. Today I’m recording in professional studios and doing what I love. That’s a big sign of progress for me and I can’t wait to take more steps and close the gap.

What is your main goal for this single release? My main goal for this single release is to share my story and hope that it reaches a mass audience and connect with people who have similar experiences in life. I just want to encourage and make them understand that there is a better future ahead. They just have to keep pushing hard and giving up is not an option.

What is your favorite part about your upcoming album? My favorite part about my upcoming album is the diversity of the songs. Every song has it’s own sound and the way I delivered the message. The album has party songs, conscious songs, feel good songs and love songs just to name a few. Overall I will say it’s very positive for the most part.

What would you say was the most challenging part of writing and recording “WORK” was? I will say the most challenging part about writing and recording “WORK” was finding the perfect time to write and record. I have a 9-5 job and a wife and kid so what pays the bills is a priority. Even though while I am at work, I’m writing in my head and building up a hook or a verse. After work is done, I get home tired and will have to wait till about 1:00 am to get back to my creative space.

With recording, it requires a lot of planning and finances. Since I do not have a home studio, I have to save up money to go record in a professional studio. This could take a couple weeks or even a month before I hit the booth.

Besides the release, what is next for you in 2017? Besides the release, 2017 is looking healthier than ever. I have been networking a lot and the show bookings have been awesome. I also now run my own record label “Big Talk Records” and we are making waves locally and nationally. My goal is to take it world wide. Check out “Sounds Over Seattle “ Big Talk records is a proud partner with Crooked Trails.

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