Breanna Kennedy’s voice has an effortless strength to it and an enviably sexy rasp that could be compared to the greats like Stevie Nicks or Joss Stone… But after a second listen you’ll hear a depth and soul that is extremely rare in modern day singers. Her Pop / Country debut is called ” Why Can’t I Love You ” on J.O.T.S Records. This Soulful singer/songwriter who originally hails from Salt Lake City has been making music in Los Angeles for the past 4 years and is now taking her talents to Nashville to work with the many great writers and producers in Music City. At only 21 years old Breanna Kennedy is keeping busy as a songwriter with Curvature / Kobalt music. Listen for ” WHY CAN’T I LOVE YOU ” now on Country radio and available on itunes and everywhere else January 19th 2015. We caught up with Breanna since we last spoke to her, and it seems she has a lot to update us on – enjoy the interview below!

Entertwine: Hello Breanna! How have you been since our last conversation?

Everything has been amazing . Ever since I signed my publishing deal with Kobalt music I’ve been working with many great song writers. I’m also staying very busy with my own record and new live shows…

You are relocating to Nashville, Tennessee correct? What encouraged this decision? Do you have any upcoming performances in Nashville?

Yes Im moving to Nashville in Feb. So excited for the move! My manager Johnny Vieira and publisher Jimmy Harry both agreed it was the right fit. So me and Johnny went there a few times in late 2014 and I fell in love with the town. Plus working with Whitney Daane at Kobalt Nashville will be incredible. Shes been very supportive of my songwriting career. I will have to get back to you on next Nashville show. My next LA show is at NAMM 2015 Jan 23rd at 6pm.

What was it like growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Well Growing up in Utah was like many other towns. I was young and didn’t know we were poor lol…

What inspired the writing and recording of your new release ‘Why Can’t I Love You?’?

Im inspired to write music from my life experiences and from what I feel deep in my soul.

You’ve got some great videos on YouTube from recent performances at Molly Malone’s and WitZend; how have you used social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to build such a large following online?

I use social media to reach my fans directly. I know I dont focus on it as much as other artists but to me its more of a tool to connect. I know my fans understand that I spend most of time writing , recording and working on my craft. The live shows is where I really connect with my fans.

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