Songwriting brother and sister urban pop duo from the suburbs of Philadelphia. Their eclectic style mergers as John raps and Marisa sings to form all their songs. They recently just completed and launched their debut album, “Royal Family”. The duo recorded their eleven track album at Milkboy Studios in Philadelphia with producer and engineer Joe Logic.

When did you both realize you could form a duo, and perform together as siblings? URBANO: Growing up together, we realized our extreme love and passion for music. Listening to music together brought us closer and showed us the true value of artistry. When we recorded our first track together, we were addicted. We loved the way it made us feel and people really enjoyed what we made. We both decided at first to pursue solo careers, but we still wanted to collaborate to make something truly unique. We felt that we were at our best when we recorded together and wanted to give the band URBANO a shot.

When/where did you find your style, a mix of rap and singing? Who are your main influences? URBANO: Spending so much time together, we realized that we each wanted to pursue music. As we had mentioned before, we were pursuing solo careers but every time we went out to a social event we would rap and sing together and everyone seemed to enjoy it! We then realized how much WE enjoyed it! We worked together on a few songs and we wanted to continue this unique collaboration. We would always listen to hip-hop and rap together. People like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Jay-z, Eminem, Tech N9ne, T.I., Nas, even the Ying Yang Twins. We just loved the music culture and wanted to recreate what we felt listening to our favorites.

Tell us a bit about your debut album, “Royal Family”! What was the writing/recording process like for this album? URBANO: When we decided to join forces and create URBANO, we immediately came up with the title “Royal Family”. It made sense to us and highlighted our special connection as brother and sister working on this new band. We selected all the instrumentals after many hours listening to the best producers out there. John really did a great job of knowing where to go and when we would come together, sometimes we would be able to create something right off the bat. Other times it took a little more work. We originally had about 15 songs but we really wanted to make sure this album had the best quality we could create. The songs we cut were the ones we felt weren’t good enough. It took us about two-three years to complete and we had so much fun along the way. Every time we got into the studio, we had a new favorite track pretty much. It helps finding time to create songs when you live with the other band member!

What can listeners expect to hear from you, that they may not expect from this work? URBANO: Well we really have a very eclectic sound with many different aesthetic styles. We mesh hip-hop, EDM, pop, and urban flair all together. People don’t really expect to hear all those styles and genres together, and we love to keep our listeners guessing. The way we put the album together really reflects our love for many different styles and instrumentals. The fact that we are a band that has rapping and singing I think throws people off as it is. But then when you listen to the tracks, some are straight hip-hop and others are more pop or EDM. I think people are surprised to hear this when they listen to our CD.

What was it like working with Joe Logic at Milkboy Studios in Philadelphia, PA? URBANO: OMG Joe is absolutely amazing! He is literally a genius producer and engineer. Collaborating all together, we were able to make something far better than we originally envisioned. He is so talented and really took our music to the next level. It was literally serendipity that we worked with him – the universe did us a solid. We are so thankful to be working with a person of his caliber. We love the way we work together and the product is always amazing.

What is next for you all in 2016/early 2017? URBANO: We just filmed our music video for our single – “Happy Hour”! So that should be out within the next month or so! We are so excited about that! Also, we are collaborating and making a song with producer and engineer – Lectriq ! That is going to be a lot of fun and we are so excited to see how that turns out! Definitely look out for that!

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