Originally from Roswell, NM, now residing in Modesto, CA, Carlos Kano started like most artists, listening to music when he was young, but his passion grew for Dance music at the age of 13, so much it fed his soul. Creating dance music became his newest passion for a couple simple reasons – seeing people dance and have fun to positive uplifting beats. His boss recognized Kano as a person who wants to make people feel good. Making people feel good is how Kano became successful in the medical industry working as a Nurse, as a Comedian, and a Music Artist. “Putting a smile on someone’s face makes my heart smile,” says Kano. Kano’s popularity grew when he coined the catch phrase “I’m Freaking Thirsty” during a stand up comedy show. This unintentional phrase grew throughout the local scene and has become Kano’s mark in both the Comedy and Music scene.Today, Kano is looking to expand his career in music by making a mark with his latest tracks “Unleash the Beast” and “Spread the Love”. Both songs show the opposite spectrum of both personalities of Carlos Kano’s unique style. When we last interviewed Carlos, we discussed some of his past releases. This time, Carlos has come to us with a brand new single, “Unleash The Beast,” and we got the full scoop right here on Entertwine!

Hello Carlos! How have you been since our last conversation?

Since our last conversation I’ve been amazing! Busy but having an absolute blast making music. Lots of projects coming to fruition. I cannot wait to share them when they are complete.

What was it like growing up in Roswell, New Mexico? Do you have any exciting paranormal ? What is it like living in Modesto, California?

New Mexico was an interesting place. I feel like I have this cone shaped head for a reason. Half man half Alien. Lol. In New Mexico I never had any para abnormal activity but I feel like when I moved to Modesto the para abnormal followed. As a kid more than an adult I feel like I seen UFOs everywhere.

What inspired you to write and record the song you’ve just released as your new single ‘Unleash the Beast’? 

“Unleash the Beast” was inspired because monster energy drink kept saving my behind when I was tired at work, when I needed a spark with a project or during a music making session.

How does this new single expand on or differ from your previous releases?

I feel like this song differs from other releases because I’m paying respect to something specific (monster energy drink) vs all the other songs I released were ideas that were fun but weren’t geared to giving Kuddos to a specific company.

What was it like working with JRODA on this particular track? Have you all worked together before?

I’ve worked with JRODA with almost all my projects. It’s absolutely amazing how well we mesh together! I describe an idea to JRODA and he literally will replicate the exact description to the exact sound that I seek!

You spend most of your time making music now, but you were once a comedian and a nurse, correct?

Yes, but music is what keeps me busy. I still right jokes and do little appearances here and there. I will always have a soft spot for nursing because I love helping people.

What is your favorite social networking platform? Why?

My favorite social media platform is Instagram. The reason why is because I feel like the vibe is the most positive. One updates pictures and not too much room to rant and rave about some negative issue. People typically post pictures of positive cool things they are doing.

Who are your biggest musical influences? Why do these particular people inspire you to create music?

My biggest music influences are too many to list. I dig dig dig all music artist that create their vision with sound despite what people think. A perfect example of this is Skrillex. He had many skeptics and he keep grinding away to create an amazing genre that is now continuing to grow!

If you could headline at any two electronic music festivals, which would you choose to perform at? .

I think I would have to choose Ultra Music Conference and Electric Daisy Carnival. I’ve been to both and wow wow wow! Both phenomenal.

How will you promote your new single now that it has been released digitally?

To promote the new release we will use social media platforms to reach out to the people and to Monster Energy Drink to see if they are interested in featuring the song, as it was specifically made for them. In addition, I have my PR agent Mike from LA IN PR from Hollywood. He is also going to assist in doing a local and global official release, so I’m super stoked about that.

What else does 2015 hold in store for Carlos Kano?

2015 is going to be nutty busy!!!! 15 song concepts are complete. Now it’s time to put them together and start releasing them so everyone can enjoy them. Ahhhhhhh I’m so stoked I wish I could spill all the beans right now but my partner JRODA won’t allow me until they are complete and remastered.

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