Country Artist, Jake Ward Releases Single, "Take My Hand"
85%Overall Score

Corpus Christi-based country rocker Jake Ward has released his new single ’Take My Hand’. ‘Take My Hand’ the third single released off of Ward’s debut album “Love Don’t Live Here”. Previous singles ‘Hit The Road’ and ‘Ignorant Bliss’ were well-received by radio programmers and listeners in Texas. ‘Take My Hand’ has already risen to #52 this week on Texas regional radio charts. Ward said that the song is about overcoming obstacles, defying fears and following dreams by tapping into spiritual inspiration. Ward performs regularly and has even opened for country artists Chris Young and Curtis Grimes.

Picked lines on doubled acoustic guitars familiarly open ‘Take My Hand’ and are soon accompanied by a subtle, layered electric guitar lead that is sustained until Ward’s vocals enter. During the first verse, the lead guitar lines are simple, yet extremely complimentary and Ward’s vocal performance is strong. As the song progresses, we hear Ward begin to display his range, his vocal tone confident overtop excellent instrumentation. The song picks up near 45 seconds with a pounding kick drum and intricate hi-hat play; a brief instrumental transition leads to Ward’s band joining in. There’s a ton of energy, reemphasized by both backing and harmony vocal parts. The bass riff at 1:30 was particularly interesting; even more fascinating is a fiddle solo that follows overtop the song’s new amped up progression. The structuring of the song allows both Ward’s vocals and guitar lines to have their individual focus, too. Instrumentation is later decreased dynamically before a brief new vocal part leads into another high-energy section. The fiddle is present on much of the rest of the track, yet it is in a complimentary, background role from here on out. The song has exceptional flow and is an easy, inviting listen. Ward’s lyrics are intelligent and lead listeners on an ever-developing depth-filled journey. The song is able to change feeling fluidly and easily, with each instrument adjusting accordingly. The recording quality is outstanding, too, and the production, by Mason Shirley, is top-notch.