The music of Dark Rouge Park combines classic electronic SynthPop sound with thought-provoking lyrics and unique vocal styling. The lyrics focuses on the reality and sadness in life while promoting survival and coping. “Parallel World addresses topics you don’t always hear discussed in other music, and they do so in such a deep, meaningful way,” describes one fan after hearing the album. “The music stays with you long after the songs are over.” We got to catch up with Dark Rouge Park and discuss the most recent release, “Parallel World”, writing processes, and future goals, right here on ET!

Where did your interest in writing and performing sprout from? Where did the name Dark Rogue Park come from?  I write poems and essay for about 20 years. Thomas, the other songwriter is the same. He is in the music business for 25+ years. His first project was “The Space Project”, an instrumental electronic album, followed soon by “The Space Project II”. I started my career as a club DJ, Radio DJ and I formed my first Eurodance band in 1994 called “ProvidAnce”. Edina is on stage for 20 years, worked with various famous artists, worked together with musicians in various projects. Last time, she signed the official song of the hungarian olympic team and the olympicon for the 2016 olympic games in Rio.

What are some of your most recent releases? Can you tell us a bit about them, and how they came about? I wrote instrumental music under the name “Dark Light”. Thomas, the another band member had a studio, called “park studio” and a music video production company, called “park film”. Now, we are the “dark park”, we compose sadness and deep emotions into music. When Edina, the singer girl joined to us, a girl represented the “rouge”, so the name came to “Dark Rouge Park”, which represents all of us, and of course or style.

What was the recording process like for that release? We are now working on our first album, called “Parallel World”. Parallel world reflects the problems today, which is a lot of people lives only in the social media instead of their real life. One of our song, called Parallel Life talks about this, when a common girl lives in the cyber world, thinks and believe in that, she is a celebrity and she igonres the real world. Our first music video (will be released in about 2 weeks from now) filmed about this music.

What is your main goal for you to achieve through music? We would like to talk about the negative side of the life. Every band sings about happyness, endless love, sunny beaches, etc. This kind of lfe is just a dream for a lots of people.. We sing/talk about the real life, like death, lost love (process a loss), domestic violence, cyber bullying, suicude awareness, depression, terminal illness, the danger of the cyber date… In our songs, we try to show a way out from the situation, while completely understand the subjects feelings. With our song, we would like to give help to people in deep emotional distress and help others to live together with a loss.

What is next for you in 2016/2017? Now, we are looking for a management c/o who would help us to publish our album and manage our way.

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