Just like his mixes Dj KNG JOHN has diverse style, since growing up in Chicago & Houston hence merging two different city cultures have formulated into a Dj that can play for a hardcore hip-hop heads to those who just want to dance all night long, either way it is always a good time! Recently, DJ KNG JOHN released two new mixes, “Chop Feels” and “Night Show”. We got the inside scoop on his latest work right here on Entertwine!

Entertwine: How did you get started in the house/rap scene? I started getting into music seriously when I got to college, I was hosting and throwing parties every week so I was like, “you know what forget it, I’m about to create my own vibes”. I got tired of hiring these whack mixes, sloppy transitions and people calling themselves dj’s because they pressed play on a premix smh! So I went out brought my first pair of turntables and it was history.

Who are some of your influences when it comes to creating and performing? Why? My mentors and the OG’s in the game I was lucky enough to watch and learn different techniques from them. Some to name DJ Platurn, DJ Sober, DJ El Dusty, Edica+, DJ Candlestick’em, DJ Orange Calderon and DJ Jazzy Jeff! From watching and listening to their mixes and viewing their live performances I’ve absorbed everything and now created my own style to the art of dj’ing.

Tell us about your latest release, Chop Feels. What can you tell us about the creation process of this track? Yeah, so chop feels is me tying into the Houston part of my soul and chopping and screwing tracks you normally wouldn’t do! Like why can’t I chop some chill house or disco and flip the beat to what I want it to be or better yet why not combine some 90’s R&B with house and give my listeners something really to vibe to something fresh and new. So my process is the same for every mix I will literally sit outside and stare at the sky while putting my phone on random through some pre selected songs and see which ones flow and what scratches and cuts I want to make by marking the time code so it’s a bit technical but still mostly vibes.

How does Night Show compare to Chop Feels? Night Show Vs Chop Feels is like apple to oranges because night show is a full mix of just new artist I’ve found on the underground and chop feels is tracks I’ve selected with the perfect house vibes that needed to be chopped!

What is your favorite part of performing? What takes up your time when you aren’t writing or performing? The absolute favorite part of performing is putting people on new artist and just the ability to turn someone day around after me giving my all on the turntables. Besides performing you can catch me chillin with the crew or designing clothing for my brand I’m building so I’m always creating something.

Connect With DJ KNG JOHN:
Chop Feels: https://soundcloud.com/kngjohn/millyun-beatboxbandit-chop-feels

Night Show: https://soundcloud.com/kngjohn/night-show