DJ Supe embodies the feeling of modern urban sounds fused with the music theory that drove The Golden Era of Hip-Hop. Out of his studio ‘The Safe Room’ in Sacramento, California, Supe has maintained relevance as a concert/festival open format DJ and producer. DJ Supe exudes experimental sensibilities in his music production and fosters an anything goes connection while spinning for his fans. Dj Supe is in the middle of releasing his brand new single, “Guilty”, and we got the inside scoop and more right here on Entertwine!

Entertwine: Tell us about your latest single, “Guilty”. What is the story behind this song? “Guilty” is about an insecure woman who is listening to her intuition and feeding her burning flame of insecurities. It is actually lightweight comedy in my opinion if you listen to the lyrics. One might discover a few things that they have done or contemplated doing in the song.

What was the writing and recording process like? The song was written by an artist named Ayanna Charlene from my hometown Sacramento. I actually produced the song 3 years ago and really didn’t think I would ever use it. Ayanna heard the track and started writing immediately. We are both perfectionist so I had an opinion about how it should be executed…Ayanna had another idea! We argued for months on whether to keep what we had or make changes. Finally we agreed on the last take and the rest was history.

What about your DJ Supe Quick Mix Series? What is this about, and what can listeners expect? The Quickmix is something I started doing about 4 years ago. It isn’t a long DJ mix because people don’t have a long attention span. It is usually 12-18 minutes of DJ mixing that I post on the web. I used to play all of the most popular artists and songs. I realized that I didn’t want to be like other DJs playing the same music. I talked to a few guys and gals around my neighborhood and realized there is plenty of hot music right here at home. So the new DJ Supe Quickmix Series is mostly independent artists. Here is the twist…it is a music video mix. Technology is crazy. I can cut and scratch videos just like I would with music. I really push to be unique. It’s a vehicle. I am the driver and I pick artists up. I drop them off where they need to go with the Quickmix. It’s good exposure for all parties involved. Listeners will be surprised how much good music is out there they never hear.

What kind of work are you currently putting into your EP, “Weirdo”? How is this different than your current releases? Currently I am recording songs and thinking about how I want to market it. The artists I am working with are Genesis, Carla Lawrence, Ruben Eaton, Tanjanae, Ayanna Charlene, and Run Rich Boys. A lot of artists tell me what they like and don’t like and I give my input. Ultimately it is their decision. This is the opportunity for me to do some stuff I really like…with the artist’s input of course. Listeners will hear my signature sound and start to identify it with my brand.

How has owning your own studio, The Safe Room helped shape your music career? Owning a studio allows me to work on music every single day. That is a fantastic thing! I am hearing things I didn’t hear before. I don’t have to settle on anything due to time constraints. I am taking my time and taking pride in the finished product.

What is next for you in 2016? Work.

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