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Alex Roman has had the itch to play the drums since he was a young child. It wasn’t until his older brother picked up the instrument, that Alex decided he wanted to as well.  As time progressed, this Egyptian-born South Floridian developed a deep passion to dissect and learn his instrument. Almost 13 years later, this drummer and Youtuber has been climbing the YouTube charts with his unique drums covers, and full band covers with his band Fame on Fire. Of course, not all of Alex’s time is spent on filming and releasing covers – he spends his time working, hanging with friends, and brainstorming his next cover to blow his audience away. We caught up with Alex to introduce him to the Entertwine community, get to know how he got his start, and where he plans to branch out next!

Entertwine: When did you begin playing the drums, and what sparked your interest to start?

Alex Roman: I started playing drums at the age of 10. I have an older brother who used to be a drummer and he would always tell me to never touch his drums, and being the younger brother…of course I had to! Ever since, I have yet to drop a pair of drum sticks – hooked.

ET: What was the learning process like? Was it mostly self taught, or did you have formal instruction?

AR: Drumming was pretty natural for me to pick up. I’ve always been able to multitask since I can remember. I’ve always been self taught, and I’ve had a few formal lessons by Jeff Fabb current drummer for Black Label Society.

ET: Your Youtube videos are incredibly impressive, from the playing, to the videography. When did you begin to post videos on Youtube? What do you aim to get out of posting covers?

AR: Thanks! Yes, I began posting videos in November of 2013. I aim to give people a unique listening experience of their favorite songs! Sometimes people just wish they could hear the song with a better beat or just different vibe, and I feel like my channel and work provides that!

Alex Roman and his band, “Fame on Fire” Cover Iggy Azalea’s “Black Widow.”

ET: Do you feel now that Youtube is close to 10 years old, that the ‘cover’ genre is becoming a bit too saturated? How do you feel that you stand out beyond the rest of the thousands of drum covers out there?

AR: Yes, I feel like there’s a lot of the same type of covers whatever it may be – vocal, drumming, or guitar covers, which makes it very hard to get noticed or stand out.  I feel like I put a lot of passion and heart into all my covers, and I have the best production team from audio to video and support that make me sound and look amazing! (Special thanks to Bobby @ Afflux Club for the best video production around!)

ET: Besides doing Youtube videos to showcase your drumming abilities, you also have a band! When did your band, Fame On Fire get it’s start? How did you all meet?

AR: Thats a great question! Fame on Fire got started by accident, actually. I had an idea for a drum cover for “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry, and I had called up my buddy Blake to ask him to play some  guitars over the track to give it some taste! He called me back an hour later to tell me the song sounded amazing with guitar structure for the entire song, so we then had decided to make it a full band cover and it turned out to be such a great success on youtube! I met all guys in middle school and we have all been best friends since 7th grade.

ET: Tell us about your latest Youtube video – you and your band Fame On Fire covered Iggy Azalea’s “Black Widow.” What was the planning process like for this song rendition/ video?

AR: This song was decided last minute! We were originally just going to be doing a drum cover to “Fancy” and it turns out “Black Widow” caught my attention more than “Fancy.” I had called the guys up and told them we have a week deadline to record and shoot the video and release it…and we did just that!


ET: I also heard you were featured on ex The Voice contestant Michaela Paige’s radio station, W4CY(.c0m). How did that happen? That must have been an incredible feeling! 

AR: Yes! Michaela and I have been friends for quiet a bit now, and I had showed her our new cover and she loved it so much! She had called me and asked me for permission to play our track on her radio station! I was so excited I couldn’t fathom my excitement, I was out with a friend, and she had taken a picture (below) of how excited I had been! It was a great captured moment.

ET: Back to talking about drums – what is your ideal set up? If you could play any type of drums, cymbals, and hardware, what would they be?

AR: My Ideal drum set up would be 2 rack toms 2 floor toms one kick and a punchy snare! If I could play any kit it would be an SJC kit! Cymbals I would have to say Meinl Cymbals are my favorite best sounding cymbals i’ve ever played! And hardware I will always go for DW the best stands super sturdy and durable!

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 10.26.49 AMAlex celebrates after hearing his band’s cover on Radio Station!

ET: When you aren’t drumming, what do you do in your free time?

AR: When Im not drumming I am a HUGE tech junkie I love technology! Also I love just hanging out with friends and having a good time.

ET: What is next for Alex Roman?

AR: I currently have a few other covers in the works with some other youtubers and fame on fire!! I can’t wait to release my next covers!! Don’t forget to subscribe and check out what I’ve got!!

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