Eduard Rusu, a House/EDM producer from Romaina has gotten a head start on his music career. At only 16 years old, this native of Constanta, Romania has released multiple EDM tracks which have gotten many plays and views on various social media sites like Soundcloud. Eduard has been influenced in various ways by artists like Martin Garrix, David Guetta and deadmau5, and continues to channel these influences though his work. We spoke to Eduard briefly about his musical past, present, and his new EDM track releasing next week! Enjoy!

Entertwine: Tell us about how you got involved in EDM? Well, I first started with free samples I found on the internet, then I got involved into promotional things , like some local radios and things like that, and eventually I began to like it.

What is the scene like in Constanta, Romania? How has the area influenced your work? Well, In Romania, the EDM scene is not that popular, which is good in a way that you can be the first to succeed.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming EDM track coming next week! They can expect some wobble bass with a funky, happy filled melody! Stay tuned!

What was the process of making this track? Well, I just start with a synth (called 3osc) and then the track evolves around the lead that I made.

What is next for you in 2016? 2016 will be a busy year, but one full of surprises, hopefully. I’ll try to keep up with making good quality tracks!

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