The Bedheads are a 3 piece alt-rock/punk band from Columbia, SC. With one release already under their belt, in 2015 they signed to Backflip Records, and recorded a 5 song EP in January 2016 called “It’s Late, You’re Gone”. This new EP release showcases the band like never before, it’s sure to create buzz. The band has a very bright future with tours already being planned and a bunch of shows around the South Carolina area. We are excited to premiere The Bedheads new EP “It’s Late, You’re Gone” right here on! We also got the opportunity to ask the band a few questions about the release of this EP, as well as the the writing and recording process – read on for more!

Entertwine: You all have been busy lately, releasing your brand new EP “It’s Late, You’re Gone”, we’re thrilled to have it premiering right here on Entertwine! So tell us, what went into the recording process for this album? We went to Pennsylvania to record with our good friend Ben Roth. Ben is a member of You, Me and Everyone We Know and KIDS so he had a great appreciation and understanding of the music we were creating. The trip was great and we learned a lot working with new people in a new studio. We also had Cam Boucher of Sorority Noise and Old Gray master it and he is incredibly talented.

What about the writing process? What inspired you all the most for this album? We started starting writing most of the album this past fall. The season change had a lot to do with the vibe of this album. Even though we have a strong pop punk root, we spent a lot of time really analyzing styles of bands like Brand New, Sorority Noise, La Dispute, and Real Friends which shaped the album in a sense. Lots of rainy days and sweat went into this EP.

So, how does this album represent you as The Bedheads? What do you hope your listeners will get out of this album? The album is a great representation of us as people and our honest thoughts and feelings. The EP is really raw and a lot of the vocals were done in one take. We put so much emotion and honesty into the album and we hope people can relate to the overall message.

Love it – So how about live shows? Do you have any upcoming tour or show dates to celebrate this release? We are playing a show on March 5th here in Columbia, but look out for us all throughout the US this summer with some rad bands you’ll be familiar with!

Additionally, what is next for The Bedheads in 2016? With new additions to the band we are excited to invite different influences to our music and really hit the ground running with new material. We are also pumped to get around to cities and play lots of shows for new crowds!

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