F.L.O. – The pop / rock band, consisting of the most famous faces of the Southern German cover rock scene. The 5-piece band provides catchy, earthy pop & rock songs in their musical style influences, ranging from Bryan Adams on Savage Garden to Roxette. The songs were in German and English, sometimes guitar driven rock, at times electronic, and sometimes sensitive balladic, but always played live and honestly. We spoke breiefly with F.L.O. about their upcoming EP release and more right here on ET!

Entertwine: How did you all form as a band? Where do most of your influences come from? Well, Andrei (guitarist and songwriter on F.L.O.) and me are working on songs since nearly 15 years. Phil our drummer currently plays with Andrei in the same band (SHARK), so do Horschti and myself (JAVELIN). Our keyboarder Tom is the only exception, he is a longtime friend of ours and always has good red wine in his studio. Most influences coming from artists who had their biggest time in the 80s / 90s, like Roxette, Bryan Adams etc. Straight rock and pop music that is 3:30 minutes long.

What is the music scene like in your town in Germany? How has it influenced you all as a band? There is just a small scene in our region. Most of the musicians here prefer to play in cover bands. There were no big influences by them I guess.

Tell us about your upcoming EP release! What can listeners expect to hear? In contrast to our current release “This is me”, the EP “#Meilenweit” will be in german and has 3 songs. Two of these songs have been the decisive factor to start the recording sessions last year. It’s pure pop, sometimes beat-driven, sometimes stripped to the bone with just acoustic guitars, piano and vocals.

How about your English Single in November? What can you tell us about this track? Yeah, well this is a nice counterpart to the current “This is me” single. There are 2 tracks on it again, but on that one, the ballad is the A-side, the rock song is the B-Side. The title track “All because that night” is the most beautiful chorus Andrei wrote I think. We have recorded this song 6,7 times before, but every time we didn’t like the arrangement in the end. The new version for that single is nearly naked but it works and to that time, X-Mas is coming. That fits. The B-Side is called “Leave a light on”, pure rock song, 3 chords, 3 minutes long. One of my favorites, this song will work live perfectly.

What is next for you all in 2016? As I mentioned, 4 of 5 are playing in different bands. Shark and Javelin have full calendars and Tom has to clean the rain gutter. But we continue recording songs (we have 20 more in the can) and trying to get on stage, make a little tour, meeting people who enjoy our music. Let’s see what happens.

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