At the tender age of 16, Brielle Von Hugel captivated audiences on the global stage of American Idol. She garnered praise on her vocal abilities from the likes of Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Phillip Phillips, and Hayley Williams of Paramore. Since departing from Idol, Brielle has continued to hone her skills and charm audiences in her native New York City. She has appeared on Fox’s Good Day New York, ABC 7, New York 1, and E! Hollywood News. In just a year, Brielle has delivered packed shows at venues such as New York’s prestigious Rockwood Music Hall, while still maintaining a global presence through interpretative covers on her YouTube channel, which have accumulated over three quarter of a million views. With this experience and support, Brielle is now embarking on a six song original EP, “Turns to Gold” which is being released TODAY. Written by Von Hugel herself along with Laura Monaco and Joey Martino of The Emergence Music Group, Brielle proves that she can not only command attention with her voice but also her lyrical message. She navigates her triumphs, struggles and the various facets of love with grit, angst, and tenderness. WE got the rare opportunity to speak with Brielle on her big day of the EP release. We got the inside scoop on the past few months of working on the EP, how her American Idol experiences have shaped her as an artist, and what she has in store for 2015! Buy the EP, “Turns To Gold” HERE.

Entertwine: Brielle, Thanks for joining us, especially during this super hectic, yet exciting time for you! You’re releasing your first EP today! Woohoo, congratulations! 

Brielle: THANK YOU! So happy to speak with you! 🙂

What has the past few months been like for you? What would you say is a typical day in the life of Brielle Von Hugel?

The past few months have been crazy.. Crazy good! Knowing that I’ve been so close to the release of my debut EP, I’ve been super anxious and incredibly excited! In the past few month, my team and I at TE Music Group have been working on the finishing touches of the EP, and have even added a spontaneous bonus track! A typical day in the life of Brielle Von Hugel is full of big dreams. Although I work a normal job, go home to the house I grew up in- I dream of sharing my voice with the world! Long studio sessions, performing and networking take up most of my time and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

What can you tell readers about your new EP?

My new EP, “Turns to Gold” is a full representation of who I am as an artist. Growing up in the industry, I can truly say I have found my musical style. Pop music mixed with soul and jazz influences. Super fun stuff that I can’t wait to share with everyone.

(Brielle Von Hugel’s “Turns To Gold”  EP Sampler – Out Today!)

For those that aren’t familiar, you were a part of American Idol Season 10 & 11. How did this experience help shape your music career? Did it meet your expectations? 

Yes, the first time I auditioned I had just turned 16. What an experience! After getting cut at the final round of Hollywood Week, I came back the next year more determined than ever. I returned completely focused and made it to the Semi-finals as one of the Top 12 girls. It really was a dream come true! Rigorous schedules and extremely early call times gave me a taste of show business. I learned the ins and outs of the industry as well as the good and the bad- and I am truly grateful for that amazing experience. It made me stronger as a performer and especially as a person. It met my expectations and MORE! Not to mention, I gained incredibly talented lifelong friends, and the most amazing support system and fan base. I feel so fortunate to have had that experience. It was an great starting platform for my career.

How has your sound developed since your stint on American Idol? 

My sound has developed tremendously since the show! Proud to say I have found my own sound.. Old school meets new school! Horns and lot’s of harmonies mixed with some synth and poppy production. I’ve been singing since the age of 3, but I have now grown into the artist I want to be. Stylistically, technically and my overall look as well. I love where I’m at! 

How did you get your start creating Youtube content? Is this something you plan on continuing in to the future?

While writing and working on the EP, I wanted to keep my fan base in the loop and even gain some new fans! YouTube is so huge now! It’s the perfect opportunity to share your talent with the world! I’ve done lots of solo covers, cover collaborations and I wish to continue posting originals and much more to keep #TeamBrielle growing! Absolutely! 

What are your goals for 2015?

My goal for 2015 is to share my music with as many people I can! I am so passionate and dedicated to what I do, that I will do everything in my power to succeed. I am looking forward to performing as much as I can and starting a tri-state area tour-Which one day, I hope to extend throughout the country and internationally! I have never been more sure of what I want to do and I am so looking forward to my roller coaster ride of a journey! 

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