GoGoQ organizes the collaboration of unique artists to create the most therapeutic track of 2016. UNTITLED SONG 01 contains the production skills of Tre, lyrical talents of GoGoQ & Donny Clutch and the powerful vocalizations of ERA DAZE. GoGoQ plans to release a free mixtape on his Soundcloud in the year 2017.

Tell us about your latest release, UNTITLED SONG 01. What is this song about? That song was about healing for me. It’s therapeutic. I hope that comes across when other people hear it.

What was the writing/recording process like for this track? The session we had (Donny Clutch, ERA DAZE, Andrew) was fun because everyone was on the same page. Tre wasn’t in the session, but I had shown him what I wrote to his beat and he said I should run with it. So one night we was all just at Andrew’s (Mixing Engineer) and we made the song.

You are currently working on a mixtape set to release in 2017. Can you tell us a bit about the process that is/will go into this recording? I want to let more of the behind the scenes moments come through in the sound. I like rapping about the little things. More cyphers, freestyles, more in the moment capturing.

What can listeners expect to hear from this mixtape? I don’t like telling people what to expect, but If you enjoy great music and good vibes then this mixtape is definitely for you.

What is next for you in 2016? I’ll say you can expect more collaborations and little projects here and there. I’m trying to work with almost everybody.

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