Brett Prusinski going under stage name “Conscious” is a 22yr old Western New York native. Conscious brings melodic, sensual vibes packed with witty, emotional and memorable lyrical verses that matches over unique and funky production. Along with a pure flow Conscious provides the listener with a voice that is said to be “powerful and made to move crowds”. Conscious’s creativity expands over many art forms as he is involved in every end of the production including writing all of his own lyrics, directing and editing all videography & photography.

Tell us about your newest mixtape, “Waking Up The Neighbors”. What was the inspiration for this mixtape? Well at the time it was a matter of needing to have a complete project I can offer people to listen to. An ep of sorts, just something that showcased the range of styles I can offer. For me this mixtape was a mixture of introspective and partying. I wanted to make a mixtape that offered the confident, flashy catchy music people love (ex : “Notice Me”, “Mario Andretti”) but explores a vulnerable side people can relate to (ex :  “The Come Up”, “Latly”).

What was the recording and writing process like? What did you learn from it? The writing was special to me, most of the song concepts and lines came to light when I was in my car jamming to the instrumentals (Shout out to Heady Instrumentals & Concept) it really got me through the commute to & from work, being stuck in traffic and what not. At the time I was very proud of to finish the songs as a whole. So often I’m writing lyrics in a note pad, on my work computer or my my home computer, in my phone that so many songs/verses were left un finished. So to me it was about pushing myself and completing the tracks we created for the project recording process was very smooth, I feel that hardest part for me was getting the lyrics and melodies right in my head and coming up with the vision…by the time I was in front of the mic it was just setting fire to the track at that point. The most involved process had to be buttoning up everything for release, coming up with promotional ideas, scheduling releases, etc.

Are you looking forward to performing at Buffalo’s Hip Hop Fest, 2/19? What do you look forward to the most? Sure am that show is gonnna be OFF THE CHAIN! I am looking forward to being back on stage, this will mark my first official return to the stage since the summer of 2016. I’m very excited to move the crowd, and show the world what the camp has been cooking up. If you are in the WNY area on Sunday, February 19, get your tickets!! They are only $7 for pre sale tickets or $10 at the door!! You can order your tickets here :’s_Hip_Hop_Fest_2017-Mohawk_Place-February-19-2017.html

When you aren’t performing or writing, what takes up your free time? Well outside of the music I also run a media production company, Prusinski Media and do a lot of freelance and subcontracted work for wedding videography/photography…so if you are getting married and want a rapping photographer…LOOK NO FURTHER! I enjoy time with my family & friends and my dog Rocko! And in those rare times I enjoy my alone time to get in my zone and just have peace & quiet.

What is next for you in 2017? The forecast is looking pretty bright for #TeamConscious. I don’t like to speak on things that’s in the talks/works til things are laid out and made official. We are kicking things up a few notches…amazing music, special big named features, insane music videos, vlogs & more! Huge shoutout  to all my supporters, it’s just getting bigger and bigger 💯 2K17 IS MY YEAR 🙏 don’t wait till it’s too late to start supporting 💯💪

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