Brandon, better known as, Vitality, is a 26-year-old Hip-Hop artist from Las Vegas, NV. This is where Vitality picked up music – in the 8th grade to be exact. Vitality has been producing and making music since the 10th grade and has hit the 10th year mark as of recent! His genre is mainly hip hop instrumentals, but he is open to experimenting with all types from trap remixes, to smooth music and even into night club genres. We interviewed Vitality right here on ET to get the inside scoop on his recent releases and future plans within the music industry!

When did you start your journey with hip-hop music? What attracted you to it? I started my journey with hip hop music as long as I can remember my brothers were always listening to rap and I’ve just grown to like it, I like all music though it doesn’t just pertain to rap and hip hop!

Tell us about your most recent release? What does this release mean to you? My most recent release would be my Joe Pesci beat, to me it means a lot, basically that I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t strive as hard as I did!

Why was the recording and writing process like for this release? The process of making it was pretty simple I wanted to have a strong meaningful intro before I got into the full beat and I don’t think it could’ve been better with any other sample!

What is your most memorable performance moment? Why? I haven’t got to perform yet but soon! I can feel it, my music is on its way!

When you aren’t writing, recording or performing, what takes up your time? I work 12 hour days to make my money with that I buy new equipment and find ways to promote my music, myfocus all right now is getting my music out there no matter the costs because I know the payoff will be great!

What is next for you in 2017? What’s next for me in 2017? It’s my turn!

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