Louis “LQ” Iverson and Keith ”Smeazy” Passmore, combine the experience, wisdom, and knowledge of everyday life with the mastery of Hip Hop and Soul Music. As prior military members, the group got it’s start in Washington, DC. Now as civilians, and dedicated to the creation of music as well as other avenues of creativity and entertainment, both MCs reside in San Antonio, TX.
Before meeting each other in Washington, DC by way of LSR, the two emcee grew up in two vastly different cities. Smeazy from Raleigh, NC and LQ from Wichita, KS. They find music influences from artists and groups such as A Tribe Called Quest, Little Brother, BlackStar, Common, J DIlla, The Roots, and many more.

MC² combines the classic sounds of Boom-Bap Hip Hop, with the smooth vibes of Soul, Jazz, Blues, and Alternative music. There’s no pin point for a group such as MC², the dynamics their sound are constantly transitioning towards new melodies and heights. Enjoy our interview with MC² below, where we cover his new single, and news on upcoming releases!

Tell us about your recent single “It’s ok!” What does it mean to you? “It’s o.k.” is an ode to everyone who deals with life’s daily problems. Although it’s from a mostly urban perspective, any and everyone can understand the value of not letting negative circumstances get in the way of your happiness.

What went into the making of this single? The words came easy. When Tek Nalo G showed us the beat it spoke to us instantly! We had recently had a conversation about different setbacks in life and how to stay motivated. The songs inspiration honestly just came from experiences; some personal, some observed. When Monique (Mojo) came to lay down vocals for the hook, it was apparent that we had our first single.

Who are some of your influences when it come to making music? Why? Oh man, the list is endless honestly. Some of the most influential have been: A Tribe Called Quest, Little Brother, Common, The Roots, BlackStar, & Outkast. These guys are the very definition of what we consider to be “complete artists.” They’ve been inspiring us even before we decided to become music artists ourselves. It’s more than music with guys like them, their lifestyles match there musical ambitions. We can only hope to inspire and influence our fans the same way.

Now that you’ve released a single, are there plans for an album soon? Yes! The single is part of the “Native Sons EP,” Which will be released this Spring

What is next for you in 2017? A lot of promoting and live shows around Texas. We also have a Soul Music series in the works, as well as a big music project for this Fall.

Connect With MC²:
IG: @the.real.mc2
Twitter: MC2_Music
FB: www.facebook.com/mc2musicpage