The dreamer behind I, Symptom is a guy who loves r’n’r and electronic stuff. He decided to apply digital magic and heavy guitar grooves in order to create hybrid music for open-minded people. In the project, different minds work together with an experimental attitude, making sounds that defy the laws of the mainstream. The aim of the poetry is to tell stories that cannot be told any other way, stories about you. We caught up with I, Symptom to see what is in store for this artist’s future.

Hi! Tell us a bit about yourself, and how you got involved in music?

I am a melody maniac, a r’n’r fanatic, and an idea person. I am the dreamer behind I, Symptom, working together with people who have the same characteristics. My brother has joined me in the songwriting process lately. He is also a creative mind who can bring novel approaches to the I, Symptom universe. We both fell in love with music as kids, started playing in bands as teenagers. It is a passion that stays with you forever.

Were you always attracted to the r’n’r/electronic genre? What attracted you to it?

In the beginning of my journey I was playing and listening to rock music. I became enthusiastic about hybrid sounds when I found some unusual gems. Once I discovered this band called Crossbreed. They had a song, ‘Pure Energy’, with an awesome acid vibe, it was love at first encounter. And I found the album ‘Machine’ by Static-X. I felt that this is a way to the future. Years later I had adventures with the works of Aphex Twin and similar electronic artists. My experiments with electronic r’n’r started when I began to study different kinds of music programming software such as FLStudio and Reason.

Who are some of your influences when it comes to writing, recording and/or performing? Why?

Iggy Pop is one of my favorite performing artists. When I saw him live, I was amazed by the energy and passion that surrounded the guy. It is mesmerizing how he loves the stage and the audience.

When it comes to writing, my icon is the film director Quentin Tarantino, I love the boldness and playfulness in his works, and also his outside the box thinking. Regarding the the music world, I like to experiment with different genres. However, only the listeners can tell anything specific, because most of the influences travel through the unconscious.

When I’m in a recording process, I am like Captain Ahab, the character from Moby Dick. It’s not really an influence, but a behavioral pattern. I become obsessed, and I just can’t stop until I’m satisfied with the results.

Tell us a bit about your full length, “Handmade Love”. What inspired this album?

Handmade Love is a collection of unorthodox love and hate songs. A bunch of ideas were recorded when I, Symptom worked like a garage band, these ideas became the basis of the material. The lyrics were inspired by the lust, frustration, and anger I felt, and also by the scars from the past. That’s how I came up with the subtitle ‘Uncensored presentation of the heart’. I realized that a lot of people in my environment deal with a similar turmoil of unspeakable feelings, which was a strong motivation to create the album.

Why did you decide to reissue the release?

There are two reasons. First, my original intetion was to include remixes on the release, but they were not ready when we published the album. The reissue features the content of the remix EP ‘Halved Daemon’, four remixes of Handmade Love songs. Second, the release of physical goods (vinyl, cd, usb drive) is among the plans of WEATNU Records, we are preparing for that.

Which track off of this album is your personal favorite? Why?

My favorite is ‘Quasars Sing a Lullaby’. It represents the fading of a once burning desire. It has the coldness of outer space, the promise of autumn in a summer dawn. I really like the echoes because they take me to another dimension. And my guitarist friend Gábor Kiss wrote a beautiful guitar melody for the song.

What inspired your latest single, “MercyF**k”?

It was an inspiring moment when it occurred to me that nowadays a lot of people are living in the cage of their own lives, and they don’t really care about the dreams of others. They find it impossible to tell others that they feel that way. Instead, they pretend that they care because they think it’s the price for the attention they need. They give a mercyf**k. People expect that it makes connections stronger, but it actually makes them fake.

You are currently working on your new album, correct? What can listeners expect to hear from you?

Yes, new songs are being written and recorded. Before finalizing the album, we are asking the audience to rate the upcoming songs, because it is the only way to make sure that the best works are selected. Three songs are already online, and we have a lot more, a whole musical journey of different moods and stories. The next piece, coming on 22nd April, is called ‘The Merry Face of Spring’, it is a cover of ‘Veris leta facies’ from ‘Carmina Burana’ by Carl Orff. And we’re also working on a collaboration with JOHN 3:16.

‘A Deadly Crush’

You can rate it here:

‘Pissing Contest’

You can rate it here:


You can rate it here:

How would you say your new material compares to your past material?

Most importantly, the new material is going to be more than music. Beyond that, it’s going to include different forms of multimedia and art, based on the songs selected by the audience. Furthermore, it is going to be more reckless regarding the style and the use of guitars, and the lyrics are going to flow along different themes.

What is next for you in 2016?

I am really excited about this year. Currently a video of ‘The Merry Face of Spring’ is under construction. The plan is to publish it in 2-3 weeks from now. More visual material can be expected later. After the survey is done, the new album is going to be finalized, including additional art and media. Then we are going to perform live. Besides, we’re working on a new version of our song called ‘The Hungarian Way’, originally released on the WEATNU Records compilation ‘Year One’. Last, but not least, two of our works are going to be featured on a compilation album, ‘Porno Karaoke’ by Mangabros & Friends, to be published in June.

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