Indie Singer/Songwriter Natalie Major creates a soulful blend of pop melody mixed with ambience in her most recent single “Human”. The track is produced by Robot Koch of a four-minute stunner that takes you by the hand with it’s soft piano and occasional electronic pulse, while crushing you under the weight of the music. With influences of Sia and Adele, Natalie creates a refreshingly authentic dynamic with the combination of her vocals and songwriting and is set to release more music in 2017.

Tell us about your latest single, “Human”. Where did the inspiration for this track come from? My latest single “Human” came after the ending of a relationship. Something that weighed heavily on me daily so writing the song was a cathartic experience for me. I tried to describe what it is like to communicate during a break up. Where it’s too hard to really process emotions at the time and make sense of if it’s the right choice… so you turn robotic in a way to push through when what really is wanted is honesty on both ends about how damn hard it is. Sifting through all the emotional ups and downs and trying to make sense of them was what brought “Human” to life. Just my perspective of my own experience and something I felt people could relate to.

What was the recording process like for this single? Were there any standout moments for you while recording this single? The recording process was interesting because usually I collaborate with other people when I write most of my songs. This one came to me one night when I sat down at the piano. I recorded it on a voice memo on my phone and sent it to everyone I knew. Everyone was blown away by it and I wanted to put it out the next day on youtube even though I didn’t have it produced yet.
So I recorded a piano part and vocal. I posted it on youtube and uploaded it to Facebook. The “live” version got over 1,200 shares on Facebook and over 60,000 plays.

I’d been waiting for a long time to put original material out again but I didn’t know what song to start with. When this one came to life, I knew it had to be it. I thought of who I would want to produce it and my friend Robot Koch was the first person that came to mind.
He has such a way with ethereal production that blows me away every time he releases something new and I knew he’d know exactly what to do with the song to keep it’s simplicity but give it a bit more ambience. We discussed it through email. He completed it within a week and I barely even had to give him any direction. So it was the perfect fit.

Now that you’ve released a single, are there any plans for an album release anytime soon?  Now that I’ve released something I have plenty more to release this year. I also have some collaborations with some major DJ’s happening in 2017 so it is really exciting. I might down the line release an EP.

What was the idea behind the lyric video? Do you have plans to release a main music video for it? I made the video portion of the lyric video myself. I made the collaboration of images that represented relationships and humanity along with some interesting darker clips in between. I wanted the lyrics to look like they were being hand written as the song played and my friend Drew Parks absolutely delivered with that so it all came together really well.

What is next for you in 2017? What’s next for me in 2017 is continuing to write and release new material!