Chris Kamrada has been the man behind the rhythm of Orlando-based rock band There For Tomorrow since 2003 – but thats not all thats been taking up his time since. Chris has been busy producing the band’s  fourth studio album (3rd album under their label, Hopeless Records) all while keeping up with Youtube covers, his own clothing line, and even a new side project. We asked Chris a few questions regarding TFT’s new album & the recording process, his Youtube success and his clothing line.

Entertwine: How long have you been drumming, and in brief, who are some of your influences when it comes to drumming?

Chris Kamrada: I’ve been drumming since 2003, which is when I purchased my first Tama starclassic drum set. My first main influence for drumming was definitely Travis Barker. These days I’d have to say that Darren King (MuteMath) is one of my biggest inspirations. He shreds with so much style.

ET: Your band There For Tomorrow has been working on a new album. Is this with or without a label? How is this album different than all of the others?

CK: There For Tomorrow is working on a new album right now! We’re still on Hopeless Records & we’ll be releasing this through them. This album is different the rest, because this our first time self-producing a release. Very excited about it too. Sounds huge so far!

therefortomorrow (Chris and His Band, There For Tomorrow in 2012)

ET: When tracking drums in the studio, what kind of process is that? (Click? No Click? Group recording like the last record? Etc.) How do you write your parts?

CK: The recording process with the drums always differs from session to session & really depends on the project! For this current album I tracked to a click in a large living room with wood floors & high ceilings. I write the outline & structure for the songs in pre-production, then we pretty much wing it & capture a moment when getting the final takes. Keeping it real.

ET: You have been posting covers on Youtube for the past year and a half, and one of your covers was even retweeted by Justin Bieber. What was your initial goal when originally posting to Youtube? What has Youtube shown you since then? 

CK: I wanted to use the viral platform to showcase some of my drumming outside of just touring & TFT. I love keeping things fresh & being versatile! It was pretty surreal to have one the most famous current pop stars post my drum remix on his Twitter & Facebook! I really had no serious goal other than putting out more content & using YouTube as an outlet for creativity! It’s shown & taught me a lot. I love watching all the talented drummers around the world on YouTube as well, it’s inspiring.

ET: What is your practice routine like? What advice might you have for drummers stuck in a ‘rut’ when sitting down at the kit?

CK: My practice routine is fairly simple. Lots of stretching & keeping in shape by going to the gym as often as possible. But, other than that I warm up with doubles, singles & paradiddles all to a metronome at fast/slow bpm’s. For anyone stuck in a rut.. Take a deep breath & remember it’s an art form. Just have fun & the knowledge will flow.

ET: You recently have started your own clothing line, “Collide.” Tell us what made you decide to do this, and how that is going!

CK: I pretty much started the clothing line because my love for all things creative, including photography & design. Collide is my way of putting my ideas on printed clothing for anyone that digs it! It’s going great & I can’t wait to see it grow more! It’s still such a young brand. www.collidehere.com

738365_10201503473811059_2117922756_o(Chris modeling one of his “Collide” shirts for his clothing line)

ET: Any side projects you are currently working on and want to fill us in on?

CK: Any side projects? Maika & I have been writing a lot of music/songs outside of TFT over the past 8 months. Some really amazing singles in there. Could turn into something. Also, I recently recorded drums on Sleepwave’s new single. Sleepwave is Spencer Chamberlain’s (Underøath) new band! I’ll also be playing their debut shows in November! Stoked.


Quick Q’s:

Favorite Type Of Coffee: Bold/Black Coffee

Stick of Choice: Premark  5a Hickoro

Cymbal of Choice: Literally any cymbal from Meinl’s Byzance series!

Your idea of an ideal Saturday: Lots of coffee, sunshine, music making/playing in the studio, lots of photography, hitting the gym & spending time with my lovely girlfriend.

Pet Peeves: Bad Driving & Traffic

Most Prized Possession: My beautiful drums. I wouldn’t be me without them!


Chris Kamrada: @ChrisTFT


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