David Myers Jr. has been beating the skins since a kid, and now he’s touring the world with R&B artist, Frank Ocean. Besides touring the world, David has played on multiple late night shows, including Saturday Night Live. David answered a few questions about tour life, school, and what he loves most about playing the drums!

Entertwine: How long have you been playing & how did you get your start?

I’ve been playing drums for 19 years so pretty much my whole life. I got my start in church. I would always sit behind the kit and watch the drummer play and I would use pens to play that never turn out to well the pen would break and ink would end up on my hands, haha but it was where it all began.

ET: You attend the Musicians Institute in LA to study drums and percussion, what is that experience like, and how has that helped shape your career?

Attending Musicians Institute has changed my life. The experience I got here was, and still is amazing. The teachers are great they all have done a lot and know their stuff. It helped my reading and improved my technique. If it wasn’t for M.I I don’t think I would be playing for Frank.

ET: You currently play for Frank Ocean & because of that, you’ve traveled the world, and played in front of thousands. What has that experience been like?

My experience playing the drums for a major upcoming artist and touring the world has been a blessing. I’ve been places where I’ve only dreamed about going, then on top that I’m doing what I love and getting paid for it. I don’t think there is much more a person could ask for. The crowd is pretty epic they know all the words to his songs and they stand outside for years just to get to the front, so id say he has dedicated fans.

David-Myers-Jr-Frank-Ocean(David [left] poses with Frank Ocean)

ET: What is it like playing high caliber late night shows like SNL? 

It took awhile before it actually hit me that I played SNL. When I got email about it, I just looked at my phone in shock and said, “I’m going to be on national television.” It was a great experience playing and seeing how everything happens behind the scenes and not to mention I met and played with John Mayer now that was unbelievable.

ET: What get’s you super pumped before a show? 

Im actually really calm before I go on stage I just chill relax and think about the show.

ET: What is your preferred style of music to play?

Id prefer to play rock music. I think its fun to rock out….or I’d like to play fusion.

ET: If you could play for any artist right now, who would that be?

Id have to say it would either be Paramore or Jay Z.

ET: Current “favorite” lick to play on the kit?

My favorite lick thats a hard question hmm It would have to be anything with Singles and paradiddles split around the kit.

ET: Words of advice for up and coming drummers?

Keep practicing! Don’t ever get ahead of yourself no matter what and no matter who you play for. Keep God first, just get yourself out there whether its through youtube or playing gigs.

ET: What are your future plans?

I want to get into more studio stuff and teaching.


Quick Q’s:

Favorite Frank Ocean Song To Perform: Monks

Favorite Tour Snack: Cheese-bits Sanwiches

Favorite City To Play In? Copenhagen

Stick of choice: Vic Firth 5b Extreme

Cymbal of choice: Anything that TRX Cymbals Makes!

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