Jose Mostajo and David Michael Frank formed Future Sunsets earlier this year to continue collaborating musically after the demise of their former band, King The Kid. Future Sunsets recently released their debut single ‘Without Your Love’ and is currently on the road working to fund the band’s relocation to Los Angeles, California. The band is taking full advantage of their touring schedule by organizing pre-arranged performances held at intimate venues around the United States. One thing that hasn’t changed is the band’s desire to create and upload attention-grabbing covers and accompanying music videos to YouTube – most recently, a humorous play on Taylor Swift’s latest ‘Out of the Woods’. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jose Mostajo (guitars/vocals) to discuss the band’s recent transformation  and future plans.

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into your musical background? You both were in King The Kid – to get the elephant our of the room, we’ll ask and get it out of the way, but what ultimately led to the demise of that band? What sparked the formation of Future Sunsets?

Jose Mostajo: We both started playing guitar at a young age. Eventually this led to more instruments, and singing. Yes we were both in a band called King the Kid. We don’t want to call it a “demise” because that sounds so gloom. As with any career and with time, everyone grows up, change, and find different things that make them happy. In this case, our drummer chose a different path, and David and I continued working together. This was an opportunity to start over, and by doing so, give Future Sunsets a musical freedom that wasn’t tied to anything we had done before. Since we met we’ve always had the same work ethic and goals with music, so there was no doubt to move forward with our musical careers together.

ET: After KTK was laid to rest, so to speak you both didn’t waste any time getting a new project started, which we really respect – how is the vision of Future Sunsets different from your past musical ventures?

JM: Being a duo is definitely new to us; we’ve always been part of bigger bands, and with bigger bands comes a certain requirement to include each person’s instrument in everything. However in this case it’s exciting because there’s no limits to what we can write and record. While we’re both guitar players at heart, we are having fun incorporating more pianos, synths, drums, and everything in between. In short, writing songs with no constraints.

ET: You just released your first single (‘Without Your Love’) as a band; what led to the writing and recording of this composition?

JM: Ironically, a due date led to the writing and recording of this song. Once it was settled that KTK could not continue and we would move forward with this project, we knew we wanted to have a song out when the band was announced. We made a makeshift studio in David’s Aunt’s bedroom, and began messing around with song ideas. “Without Your Love” was actually “Demo 4” before it received its title. For us, the music comes before the lyrics, so we like to have a musical foundation before melodies and words. Sometimes you get stuck trying to get the perfect song out and it leads nowhere, and sometimes the tiniest idea sparks the rest of the song effortlessly. Luckily a cool idea got us inspired on a Monday and after working everyday from then on, we were finalizing the mix in that bedroom by Sunday, and releasing it the following Wednesday night. We are definitely happy with it. We took some liberties with it sonically, had fun writing it, and we went with a theme that we believe is relatable while being very personal to us.


(Jose [left] and David battle it out in an intense game of foosball in their downtime)

ET: You both have had the experience to live in a few different places in the past, from LA to places like Portland, Now you have relocated back to LA. What has been your experience with Los Angeles, California and the many different music scenes that exist there? Would you say you feel most comfortable there?

JM: We’re not in LA just yet, but that’s our end destination after an acoustic tour we’re starting in a few weeks. We traveled throughout Europe backpacking, and playing our music this past summer, and once we got back we took temporary residence in Georgia where we both have family. LA just makes sense for us right now. Other than having established good relationships in the past, the music scene is always thriving, and there’s just a good pace to the lifestyle that we enjoy. We actually originally met in LA. We loved it there. We were surrounded by so much talent and drive. Everyone out there was really motivated to take their careers to the next step.

ET: With this new formation of the band being fairly quick, what was the process like to find band members? Have you found your live members for the band? Eventually do you have plans to make Future Sunsets “officially” more than a 2 piece?

JM: Right now Future Sunsets is just us two. We work really well together, we have the same vision, and we have a friendship that underlies it all. The first focus will be getting live members for our shows, and from then on maybe we’ll add people to the band. While that’s not the current intention, if we find someone who fits with us really well we’ll be open to the idea of formally adding members. But we do have some full band shows coming up soon and will be looking for some badass live players.

ET: You’re going out on the road in a few weeks; where will you be touring, and what type of locations will you be playing?

JM: We decided to do a living room style tour as a long way to move to LA. We’re playing throughout most of the country, starting in Florida going up the coast up to Massachusetts, then East through Illinois, down to Texas, and West through Arizona and finally California. We’re playing in living rooms, backyards, clubhouses, and even college coffee shops; these are places fans offered and we couldn’t have done it without them. We are excited to get to see them before we move and go back to writing. For all of the cities and tickets you can go here: http://futuresunsets.bigcartel.com

(Jose and Michael also post covers of songs on their official Future Sunsets Youtube Page)

ET: What went into the artistic concept and design of your band logo? 

JM: We just wanted something simple that we could slap on images and could represent the band name without actually having to spell it out. There might be some revamping of it in the near future, but it was something we wanted to have from the start.

ET: You’ve described your music as “Alternative Disco Sex Indie Pop”; totally diggin’ it, Hah! Could you elaborate on this phrase a bit more?

That’s more of David’s un-requitable charisma shining through. However, it’s tough defining the sound. For one, we only have one song out, but as we continue to write and release music, the style will start cementing itself; probably a little more focused than Alternative Disco Sex Indie Pop.

ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Future Sunsets? Do you have plans to release a full-length album anytime soon?

JM: Once we settle down in California, our focus is definitely going back to writing and recording. While we are very intent on releasing more music before the year is over, we don’t want to make any promises just yet. Stay tuned 🙂

Fan Questions!

We tweeted over on our twitter (@EntertwineBlog) for some @FutureSunsets fans to tweet us questions! We chose a few, and Jose answered them to the best of his ability!

Tess the Kid (@TessaZeszutko): What is their favorite state to tour in?

Jose Mostajo: We’ve had the opportunity to tour the US multiple times and to be honest we don’t have a favorite state (yet). Each show has it’s own particular memory. Some of the sweetest shows we’ve played have been in California, Massachusetts, Illinois…That being said, we love every state and we’re always excited when we get a chance to play them all.

Raisa Huq (@jumbled2): What’s the first thing they record when recording a track?

JM: We always like to do a good amount of work on demos before we take a song into production, and that’ll include some scratch instruments, such as drums, bass, guitars, piano, and vocal melodies. If we are happy with the song then we’ll lay down some drums and bass first. Then the rest of the instruments and vocals follow.

FS European Army (@FSEuropeanArmy): Best tour experience?

JM: We recently got back from touring Europe so that trip is still very fresh in our minds. There was one particular show in the Netherlands, Utrecht to be exact, where the crowd was so animated and cheerful; it was amazing. The vibes in the room were all so positive and having everyone sing along to songs we’ve written was such an overwhelmingly awesome feeling!

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