Hank & Cupcakes, based out of Brooklyn, New York, is a husband-and-wife electro pop duo fresh off the release of their debut album “NAKED”. This record was recorded at Hansa Studios in Berlin: I have personally seen the band 3 times and each time experienced high-energy, exciting, and incredibly detailed performances; their attention and emotions were accurately captured on this first album. The band is currently working on new material and was gracious enough to answer a few questions for Entertwine Blog.

Entertwine: Could you tell us about your musical background? How did Hank & Cupcakes begin playing music together, and how has the band evolved since that time?

Hank & Cupcakes: Before Hank & Cupcakes we had a band in Tel Aviv called Silent Water which was totally different from H&C. Hank was a ‘regular’ bass player and Cupcakes a singer songwriter, playing really quiet and emotional music. Coming to NYC created a natural evolution for us as musicians; we wanted to try something new and there was only the two of us, so Cupcakes took up the drums and Hank dusted his (then few) bass pedals and off we went!

ET: Who or what inspires you to write and create music? Have those influences changed over time or stayed consistent?

H & C: This may sound cliche, but life in general is very inspiring, and the trick is to stay open. Over time we’ve gone through more inspiring phases and less inspiring phases, the latter usually triggered mainly by stress and by ‘trying too hard’. The most inspiring things just pass us by if we’re too busy looking for them. Right now, we’re in an extremely creative space, having left our record label & management and it feels really good to be focusing on the right things again.


ET: How has the Brooklyn area and music scene influenced you both musically and personally?

H & C: Moving to Brooklyn from Tel Aviv influenced us in a huge way. In fact, it changed our lives completely. There’s nothing that gives you a good kick in the butt more than being in a driven, healthily competitive and hyper creative environment

ET: What was it like recording your album ‘NAKED’ at Hansa Studios in Berlin?

H & C: It was a once in a lifetime experience and we had fun every moment of those 10 days in the studio.

ET: What was the creative process like behind the videos for ‘Sweet Potion’ and ‘Ain’t No Love’? Who did you work with to bring these ideas to fruition?

H & C: We’ve been very lucky to have worked with extremely talented people on our music videos. On ‘Sweet Potion’, we collaborated with Myles Kane, chief media editor at The New Yorker Magazine. Myles had developed a unique technique of re-interpreting corporate and commercial TV content by looping fragments and highlighting small hidden moments. We saw one of his videos and fell in love. On ‘Ain’t No Love’, we worked with Drew Norton & his lovely wife Georgia who did all the styling. The idea was to try and bring across our live performance energy since none of the prior videos we released actually showed us playing our instruments. We love the result of both videos!

ET: You all have spent much of the past two years out on the road touring the country; what have been some of your fondest memories of this time?

H & C: Man…It’s really hard to narrow it down. We LOVE touring; every time we tour we feel like it’s the best tour we’ve had. Being on the road is extremely satisfying and rewarding for us.

(Hank & Cupcakes – “Sweet Potion”)

ET: Could you tell us about ‘Countdown’ and any other new material that you are currently working on?

H & C: Yes! ‘Countdown’ is the first single off our second full length album “Cash for Gold” which we are deep at work on right now. After finishing our last tour over a month ago, we decided to take a break from touring in order to really focus on writing and being creative. This second album is going to be the first fruit of our recent independence from our record label BMG and we are very excited about it. We’ve taken on more of a dark approach, and are going back to more simple minimalistic arrangements.

ET: What are the band’s goals for the remaining months of 2013?

H & C: Write, record, create.

Hank & Cupcakes perform at SXSW 2011 - 17/03/11

Quick Q’s:

Favorite Food?

H & C: Tough one, we’re big foodies.

Favorite Time of the Year?

H & C: Summer, no doubt.

Bass of Choice?

H & C: Fender 62′ Surf Green Jazz Bass.

Cymbal Company of Choice?

H & C: Whatever my ears like.

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