Boasting almost 25 Million views on Youtube, a few world tours with his band, The Word Alive, a Meinl Cymbal endorsement here, a DW Drums endorsement there, 19 year old Luke Holland has taken the online (and offline) drumming world by storm. Luke’s lightning speed fills & ultra-creative style patented him as “that drummer on youtube” with a super-human like drumming ability. His current band, The Word Alive, who are known for their metalcore tunes, hail from Phoenix, Az. They stumbled upon Holland through his Youtube videos back in March of 2012 after he covered a few of the band’s songs. Since joining The Word Alive in 2012, Holland has been touring with the band worldwide, all while finding the time to continue posting videos on Youtube. We asked Luke a few questions about being a Youtube sensation, what the tour life is like, recording TWA’s new record, and the story behind his nickname, “BabyGap.”

ET: Thanks for sitting down in the midst of your busy schedule and chatting with us today! Lets start with Youtube stuff! Your Youtube page with your drum covers has almost hit 25 MILLION cumulative views (if you didn’t know). What can you say about that? How has Youtube changed your life?

Luke Holland: Almost 25 million views? I can say that I NEVER would have guessed I’d be able to say that. YouTube has changed my life drastically, from planning on medical school to become a doctor, to traveling the world playing drums.

ET: Congratulations on your recent endorsement with DW drums – I bet you are totally ecstatic?

LH: I did recently become a DW artist, which is a dream come true. Something I never thought I would achieve.

ET: TWA is working on their third studio album right now, what can we expect from this album when compared to the others? Any tricks up your sleeve?

LH: This new TWA album is like a knight’s move in chess; it’s a couple steps forward, & a couple steps in another direction. The drums are a lot different than anything fans have heard before. A lot more dynamic, technical, but still caters to the song. I made sure the drumming still held what metal fans like to hear in an album, without delving too much in my style.

ET: It must be unreal to be able to track drums (let alone play with) a band like TWA. What has the tracking experience been like & what is your process when it comes to writing?

LH: There were multiple songs on the album I wrote & tracked on the spot, & it took me 3 days to track the album. When I hear music, I hear accents, dynamics… Places notes need to be, places they don’t. I just drum in accordance to the song & add my own flair.

ET: What’s the secret behind the nickname “Baby Gap?”
LH:”Baby Gap” is just something my band came up with because I am the youngest in the group by about 4 years, & they say I look like a ‘model’ haha.



Fan Questions:

These questions were taken from our twitter account @EntertwineBlog. I hand picked three of the best questions from fans!

Anthony Flores (@AnthonyFlores4L):
“Luke, you would be considered as many’s favorite Youtuber, but who is YOUR favorite Youtuber, and why?”

LH: It’s crazy to me that people would consider me their favorite YouTuber. To be honest, I’m not on YouTube very often. Uhh favorite?…. JackieCas1!

ET: Good Answer 😉

Loreine Untalan (@TWALoreine): “Who are your inspirations?” (Drumming & Not Drumming)
LH:When I was growing up, I was inspired by drummers like Matt Greiner & Adam Gray. Now, I look up to gospel drummers. In my personal opinion, no drummer can touch them.

Brandon (@Beedydrum): “What advice do you have for drummers trying to make it big on Youtube? (or in general).”
LH: Advice for drummers; replay value! You have to have something that will make people rewind & be like “Whoa, did you see that?”. They show it to their friends, their friends show it to their friends, and thus the viral frenzy begins. Also, PRACTICE YOUR INSTRUMENT. You are not going to get millions of views by flipping your sticks around. There needs to be substance behind that.


Quick Q’s!

Most prized possession (besides your kit)?
LH: My most prized possession is probably my 2013 Subaru BRZ, she’s a beaut. Or my Movado watches.

Best mid-night-tour snack?
LH: Life Saver Gummies! or Cheez-Its.

[Vater] Stick of Choice?
LH: I use Vater Fatback 3a’s

[Meinl] Cymbal of Choice:
LH:It’s a tie between my stack (12″ Classic Customs Trash Splash on top, 16″ Byzance Vintage Trash Crash on bottom) & my 14″ Soundcaster Fusion hihats.

Largest show you’ve ever played, and where?
LH: Largest show I’ve played was actually with a different group, The Green Children. 25,000 people on an island in Norway. With The Word Alive, however, I think it was my 1st show I played with them… 7 or 8 thousand people in Las Vegas.

Celebrity Crush?
LH: Celebrity crush is easily Ellie Goulding or Natalie Portman.

One thing you can’t live without?
LH: Drums! or Music, of course!

Thanks Luke For The Interview! Readers! What do you guys think of our interview with Luke? Leave a comment below!

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