A breakup can either be for the best, or it can be a tough pill to swallow that all but cripples creativity, motivation, and desire; for guitarist Mike Gentile, the disbanding of Hey Monday and front-woman Cassadee Pope’s choice to pursue a solo career meant that he would found Rescue Kid. This five-piece rock band is made up of an eclectic mix of talented musicians from different backgrounds based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Rescue Kid is ready to release their second EP, “Re-Ignite,” which will consist of all the songs from their first EP release, (appropriately named) “Ignite,” as well as 3 acoustic versions and a special new and unreleased track that we have to show you exclusively here ONLY on Entertwine.net. We sat down with Mike to talk about him starting fresh, the writing process of the new EP, and future plans for Rescue Kid. Enjoy!
Entertwine: Did you immediately want to start another band coming off of Hey Monday? What’s the story behind the formation of this band?
Mike Gentile: Yes, after Hey Monday, I definitely wanted to get right into starting another band. I knew I wanted to start a new band, but wasn’t sure with who, so I just started writing. A few months after, our current guitarist, Eddie Castineira asked me to fill in for his own band, so I did, and started showing them some of my ideas – they liked them. Eddies old band had Nicky, our current drummer and Armando our singer in it. I brought my brother in to jam with us, and thats when RK was officially formed.
ET: Thats totally awesome how that came about! So forming from all different backgrounds, how would you say the playing and writing styles of the band’s other members differ from yours? How does this enhance and further develop the band’s overall sound?
MG: We all have a vastly different musical palette. Nicky and Eddie grew up listening to and playing a lot of, punk rock and hard core music. Those were all elements I never got much into, so their perspective of time signatures and rhythms are really unique – they come up with patterns that I wouldn’t normally think of. I grew up listening to all kinds of pop rock and pop punk/melodic alternative music, so I’ve always been a sucker for really melodic music with huge choruses and vocal hooks, same with my brother, Christopher. Armando comes from a more of an R&B background vocally, so his voice mixed with choice of melodies is a bit different then you would hear from most rock bands. All the different elements come together make it a really unique blend and kind of helps us give us our own sound and stand out a little bit from bands that may sound similar.

Rescue Kid – “Make You Mine” Music Video
ET: For sure, I personally have always really liked the unique sound of Armando’s voice – really sets RK apart from many of the other band’s in this scene today. As a band, you all are really close, especially you and your brother, Chris, who plays bass. What’s it like playing in a band with your brother? Would you say that your whole family is musical?
MG: It’s awesome. He’s super chill and goes with the flow. He’s REALLY talented; and a super tight and focused player so it brings a lot to the live performance and sound of the band. Not really [a musical family], although my cousin is an awesome musician, and plays every instrument under the sun. He’s the reason I started playing guitar. My mom is really into music; everything from big band/doo wop- 70s/80s/90s pop, so I guess growing up and hearing records from people the likes of Barry Manilow and Whitney Houston all the time sort of shaped the kind of music I gravitate towards.
ET: From Florida, I can understand the type of scene that West Palm Beach/South Florida presents, but as someone who has been involved much longer, what can you tell everyone else about the music scene in the Palm Beach area and how it has evolved over the years?
MG: It is a super difficult market. There IS a scene, but it’s nothing like it was 7-10 years ago. There aren’t nearly as many places to perform at, and there aren’t nearly as many active bands locally, so it’s been challenging trying to start a band and build a base in the Palm Beach area. Being in a band and playing Rock Music unfortunately is not taken to as kindly as it was back when we were all growing up going to our local shows, where at any show at least 150 kids would come out just for the love of supporting local music. Now as computers and electronic types of music become more prevalent amongst teens, and piers get older/farther away from the music scene, its difficult to keep it thriving!
843118_10151444008792778_1798533477_oMike Gentile (Far Right) & Rescue Kid Perform at BACKBOOTH Bar & Venue, Orlando, Florida (Photo Credit: Chris Martin)
ET: For sure, and thats the challenge! You’ve been planning an EP release for quite some time now; is there anything you can divulge to fans on what they can expect?
MG: Yes! mainly that it’s taken way too long for us to get it out! It will have all of the songs off of Ignite, plus 3 of them done acoustically, one guest vocalist, and one brand new unreleased song. All additional content was recorded/produced/mixed by myself and the band, so we’re proud of it!
ET: You guys as a band have been nice enough to choose Entertwine to showcase a short clip of a new unreleased song “Behind The Li(e)lac Tree.” What can you tell readers about this song?
MG: This song is a song I’ve had in the works for a while. I wrote the intro guitar riff a few years back, and then I started playing it at a rehearsal one night, the guys liked it, finished writing it, and then set up my recording gear in the band warehouse and totally DIY recorded it. It’s one of my favorite songs we have, and lyrically I think armando killed it. Super relatable song!

(“Behind The Li(e)lac Tree” by Rescue Kid, EXCLUSIVE Clip ONLY on Entertwine)

ET: What events or experiences inspired the writing and recording of your two singles ‘Illuminate Ignite’ and ‘Make You Mine’?
MG: Illuminate Ignite was the first song we completed lyrically as a band. Coincidentally, it was also the first idea that I wrote after Hey Monday, and the first idea that I showed to the guys. Right before starting the band, everyone’s moral was a quite low. Christopher and I were bummed because our previous band had fallen apart, and the other guys had a similar situation with their old band. It’s about not giving up and following your dreams, because it’s what you love and you do it for yourself. It was about us coming together with this new band, and giving it another go with a fresh start. Make You Mine has a unique story behind it. Armando always works best when writing spur of the moment while at the studio, so make you mine he actually had nothing for. it was the last song we finished recording for “Ignite”, and his voice was completely shot when it was time for him to record this song. We wrote the lyrics and recorded it all on the last night in the studio. It all came together because of whiskey, haha. The whiskey helped loosen his voice up a bit, and we just came up with the concept of making a song about being stuck in the friend zone. Armando just started flowing and got in the zone lyrically, then it just kind of worked itself out. all the group vocals and ad-lib conversation in the bridge happened at like 3 am, while that bottle was near gone!
ET: Speaking of whiskey, I assume that might have been a key part in multiple writing processes including the new EP, but what can you tell us about recording “Re-Ignite?”
MG: The initial six songs were recorded at mockingbird studios in orlando with producer Brooks Paschal. all additional content was recorded by the band and myself in either our warehouse or my bedroom. I engineered/mixed/produced all additional acoustic tracks and new song.
ET: Lastly I am sure fans want to know…any tour plans for Spring/Summer of 2014?
MG: We have some things being thrown around for the Spring but nothing definite, and almost positive we will be out at some point this summer!
ET: Awesome, make sure to keep us updated and thanks a ton for the interview and the new clip off your new EP!
MG: Anytime 🙂
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