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Drummer Tim Spier, formerly of Say No More, began playing with The Goodnight in 2010 after the band, originally from Montana, had relocated to Los Angeles and were in search of a drummer. Between catchy guitar melodies, and three part harmonies accompanied by solid grooves from the drums, this melodic rock band has a sound you soon won’t forget. The Goodnight released their most recent album “Keep Control” in 2012 and released a single titled ‘In The Moment’ in 2013. The band has toured regionally and nationally, performing at SXSW and other prestigious festivals, as well as having their music featured on major networks such as E!, MTV, VH1, and TLC. Enjoy our interview with Tim Spier below as he speaks about YouTube videos, life in Los Angeles, and the band’s future plans.

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into the band’s formation and history? The band is originally from Montana, but relocated to Los Angeles, California before recording their latest record, correct?

TS: The band is from Montana originally (they were formerly called Goodnight Sunrise). I met Dan (vocals) and Jud ( guitar) when I was touring in my old band, Say No More. We played a handful of shows together around 2006/2007, and whenever they would come through LA (where my band was living at the time) they would stay with us and we always had such a great time. When they decided to relocate to Los Angeles, their drummer wasn’t able to make the move with them. Dan asked if I would be interested in filling in, and we just hit it off musically. Plus, these guys are some of my very best friends, so it was just a no brainer really.

ET: What have been some of your more exciting live performances? Who have been some of your favorite artists to tour or play with?

TS: I’ve enjoyed playing some great shows with The Goodnight. We just played with an up and coming band called Echosmith back in November. Those kids are gonna be huge. Serious talent, and they’re all so young! We also had a lot of fun last year at SXSW, and we’ve played a lot of great shows with our friends in the Material all over California over the last few years. I also do quite a bit of work around LA with a few other artists. I was fortunate enough to play some shows with a great pop/electro group called Uh Huh Her, and have done some one offs with a pop artist named Cady Groves. Those were great.

The Goodnight – Silence”

ET: What life experiences or events led to the writing and recording of your album “Keep Control”?

TS: Most of the lyrical content on “Keep Control” was from Dan’s (vocalist) perspective regarding the move to Los Angeles, and the juxtaposition of this new life compared to the small town Montana lifestyle. That album was all self produced and recorded, both in Montana and here at our practice space in LA. Our guitarist Jud is a Pro Tools wizard and all around great engineer. He is one of the main reasons we were able to do that record independently.

ET: Who are some of your biggest influences as a band? What about personally?

TS: As a band, I’d say bands like Augustana, Jimmy Eat World, and Young The Giant are all influences. We all listen to quite a broad spectrum of music, so we draw influence from a ton of bands. Personally, I’ve been really into Thrice’s newer stuff lately. I’ve also been listening to a lot of jazz, especially Herbie Hancock. I’m also digging on Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., a super fun electro pop act from Detroit. So as you can see, it’s a bit all over the place for us musically.

ET: You all performed with such precision and confidence at NAMM 2014: what did the time leading up to this show consist of preparation-wise?

TS: Thank you! That was a fun show. We like to make sure that our live performances are always tight, and as good if not better than the record. We usually run through the set a few times prior to any show/tour to make sure we have all the parts locked in, and that Miles (bass) and myself are always on point with comping kick patterns with bass parts. So really, just practicing as a group and making sure everyone has their parts down is what leads to a successful performance.

ET: What has been the most exciting aspect of seeing results on the covers you have performed as a band on YouTube?

TS: Those started just as a fun thing to do, but after the first Mumford and Sons cover, people really responded so we decided to do a whole collection. Covers are a great way to get people to pay attention to your band if you are up and coming. People like to hear songs they know, and we tried our best to put our musical spin on some popular songs, in hopes that people would dig it and then go check out our original material. So far it’s worked pretty well! We have a few more videos in the works, so hopefully people will keep enjoying them as much as we enjoy making them.

The Goodnight – “Who You Love” Cover, featuring Colleen D’Agostino of The Material.

ET: In your own words, what makes the band unique and helps you stand out from other bands in Los Angeles? Would your fans say similarly?

TS: I think that there is so much timing and luck involved with bands breaking these days; all you can really do is make music you love and be real about it. People can tell when you’re faking it, or just trying to play whatever style is selling at the moment. We are just 4 guys having fun making music we love, and if people dig it, then we’re doing something right! There are so many incredible bands here in LA, most of which the general public hasn’t ever heard of. We know its tough to be seen and heard, but we just keep doing what we love and try to have fun and make great music.

ET: What are your plans for 2014? Do you have future releases, studio dates, or upcoming performances lined up?

TS: We have a few more cover video ideas, and we’ve been hashing out about 20 or so sketches, trying to turn them into fully developed songs. It’s been fun taking riffs or ideas that we’ve recorded over the last few years and collaboratively turning them into full songs. We have some local shows in the winter and early spring, and we hope to hit the road again to tour this summer.

278706_2257586487041_1469735311_2560976_2292609_oDrummer, Tim Spier circa “The Long Hair Days.” 

Gear Questions! Tell us about your favorite: Kit? Sticks? Cymbals? Heads?

TS: For myself, I’ve played SJC Custom Drums since 2007, and I just love them. I couldn’t be happier with the drums they make, and as a company, they’re the best around. So supportive and awesome. I’ve been playing TRX Cymbals for a few years now, and they have some really great hand made turkish cymbals. I use Remo heads, Vic Firth sticks, and Yamaha hardware. As for guitars, we have a deal with Taylor Guitars, and they have such a diverse lineup of instruments. We’re very lucky to have a relationship with such a great company. We just picked up some vocal microphones from the guys at EV Audio at NAMM this year, and they sound great.

Anything Goes! What is your favorite: Activity outside of music? Food? Drink? Or aspect of Los Angeles?

TS: There’s so many great things to do in LA. I am a super sports fan; I love the San Jose Sharks, San Francisco Giants, and 49ers. I love to play racquetball a few times a week with the guys in the band, and I also play golf, softball, hockey. Like I said I am a closet jock. Dan, our singer, works part time at a great bar called Tony’s Darts Away that specializes in California craft beer, so we spend a lot of time nerding out on craft beer. I love me a good IPA!

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