Coming from a rock/pop background, it wasn’t always Young Marino’s plan to start experimenting with Hip-Hop. Hailing from south Florida, Marino took part in a few rock bands and although it was successful run, he was looking for a way to express himself more, and to him, the guitar could only express so much. He then channeled his emotion into his hip-hop lyrics, in which Marino brings a refreshing feel to the hip-hop scene. We asked Young Marino a few questions about the start of his hip-hop career, and where it is headed next!

Entertwine: Tell us a little about yourself and your musical background?

Young Marino: My name is Young Marino. I started writing songs when I was eight years old and never stopped. I am now part of a musical collective called VONAA with my two closet friends Baallet and Yung Guapp.

ET: You used to play guitar in multiple bands throughout the years. What made you decide to totally switch genres, from pop/rock to hip-hop?

YM: I had so much I wanted to say and express to inspire people the same way my favorite artists have inspired me but there was only so much I could do with the guitar.


ET: Who would you say are your main influences musically?

YM: Kanye West, Blackbear, Wiz Khalifa, Nas, Ellie Goulding, Kat Dahlia, Kid Cudi, Copeland, Kendrick Lamar.

ET: You recently filmed a music video for your single, “Honest Liars,” featuring Baallet (Elliot James, ex Hey Monday). Tell us about that single and your experience and ideas behind the video.

YM: Honest Liars came about so naturally. El and I have the same vision as far as where we both would like to take our careers. The song is about being set up to fail and having people in your face telling you one thing and then going behind your back and saying something completely different. We recorded the song, sent it out to get mixed, and jumped right on a plane to NYC to shoot the video. The song is about being on your own and everyone being against you so we wanted to create the illusion of us being the only ones in the city. The video was directed by Bobby Keegan (Yung Guapp) and I’m extremely proud of what we have already accomplished with it.

ET: Where do you look to take your career in music?

YM: Right now I’m just working on building a following and interacting with new fans. I’ve been trying to get on the road my whole life so a lot of my focus is on making sure my live show is as solid as possible so that once I get the oppurtunity to hit the road I can take off.

ET: What are your future plans? Where can our audience listen to your music?

YM: Right now I’m working on music everyday just putting songs in the vault. We’re shooting the follow up to “Honest Liars” in a few weeks. I’m starting my own series of lifestyle videos that are gonna follow my team and I around on our day to day grind. Just keeping busy trying to get on tour as soon as possible 🙂

Check out “Honest Liars” on iTunes –





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