In virtually every market ruled by younger prodigious talent, raw female recording artists with an introspective command for knowledge beyond their years are few and far between. Unbridled from preconceived notions and in possession of an advanced instinct comes Juliana Wilson; the now 13-year-old whose voice will solely build the path.
Discovered In November of 2014 by Brooklyn-based producer and artist development specialist Matty Amendola, he and his team at 825 Records immediately put Juliana to work. “We are incredibly pleased to go public with such a young artist we’ve been waiting for the world to hear,” says Amendola, who also acknowledges that “this is only the starting line for a long marathon.”
Aiding topics from ageless experiences to lyrical content riddled in sarcasm, Juliana’s warm and intimate tone surfaces forcibly through wide echos of ambient backdrops as well as dynamic indie-driven pop. With content unique as it is relatable, Juliana’s visual storytelling sets the scene for any listener by combining universal narratives with conceptual standpoints through every song. We caught up with Julia to talk about her dedication and hardwork thus far, as well as her upcoming appearance and performance at Summer NAMM’s (National Association of Music Merchants) Women’s International Music Network’s She Rocks Showcase!

Entertwine: Hey Juliana! Thanks for answering a few questions for us today! We’re blown away by your talent, and we’re so excited to ask you a few questions about you and your music! Thank you =D

Tell us a little bit about yourself! You’re only 13, so how long have you been singing? Who would you say is your main influence for your music? Where do I begin?? I can’t remember a time where I didn’t sing. I would practically walk around singing when I was younger, and it became a hobby. My influences are all over the place. Hundreds of singers and bands… Thanks to my parents I was exposed everything, and I feel like I’ve been inspired a little bit by everyone from Kansas to Green Day.

You released a teaser video titled, ‘Introducing: Juliana Wilson’. What was behind the idea(s) of this video? How does it portray you as an artist? I think the idea was to show two things at once. One being my attitude and how I think and the other being a representation of the song’s meaning. It essentially became a “mini” music video. The video shows how I’ve pushed away my pasta and in one-minute reveals me growing up. The props were placed with the lyrics, the depth of the lyrics grew with the pace of the shots, and I don’t think anything says “I’ve grown up” like setting a dollhouse on fire.

You’re going to be playing the Women’s International Music Network’s She Rocks Showcase at Summer NAMM next month in Nashville, TN! What does this opportunity mean to you? What are you planning on performing? Oh, I’m so hyped. I’m still kind of in shock too. I’ve been playing “secret” shows here at home, solely just for practice. I’ve done a bunch of school concerts, and I even played The Cutting Room in NYC in front of a few hundred people when I first met Matty. I still feel like this will be my “first” show, and I think it’s awesome that I get to do it in Music City with some other amazing female artists. We’ve started rehearsing, and it’s going to be an acoustic set of 6-7 songs from my debut album that we’re still working on.

What does it mean to you, to be a female artist emerging into the pop scene at such a young age? What is your hope for other female musicians? Some people aren’t able to do what I’m doing at the age I am, so it’s very humbling and sometimes quite scary. I hope that other young female musicians can grab inspiration from my journey so they can live their dreams too.

What has your experience been like working with Matty Amendola at 825 Records? Since the day, I walked in it’s been like stepping into a tornado, but it’s been awesome. Aside from working with Matty and songwriter Helen Austin in the studio, 825 set me up with so many cool people to hone my craft and performance. They always have me working on something new whether it be video content or social media campaigns. We also already have 10 mastered recordings which will eventually become my debut album.

Do you have any upcoming releases? Where can listeners find some of your music? We don’t plan on going the traditional “indie” route by putting the songs up on iTunes or anything like that just yet. We’d much rather showcase the songs in cooler ways, more videos, etc. In the meantime, though, for every 100 likes I get on my Facebook page, we stream 1 new song for 24 hours on my website. People have been loving it and stepping up with shares and reposts.

What are your goals for the rest of 2016? I just plan to keep doing what I’m doing. I’m so appreciative of everything that’s happening. I can’t wait to rock the showcase in Nashville next month and then get back in the studio to record more songs!

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