Equally inspired by the Chili Peppers, MC5 and U2, NYC-based psychedelic funkers KITARI are a high-energy power trio combining memorable melodies with epic, spaced-out rock hooks. They are currently playing sweat-drenched shows in and around the Big Apple in support of their debut EP, “The Scarecrow & the Manor.” In March, 2017, the boys are heading up to Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY to record their feature-length debut album, “The Breath of Empty Space.” We discusses these topics and more with Kitari right here on Entertwine! Enjoy the interview with Katari, below.

When did the trio form? How did you all settle on the genre of Psychedelic Rock? The trio itself formed in early 2016, although Adam (guitar, vocals) and Jared (bass, keys, vocals) have been playing music together since they were kids. It wasn’t so much us settling on playing psychedelic rock as it being what naturally flowed out of us. We all play our instruments in pretty unique ways, and when it all comes together, the sound just happens to fit into that genre.

Currently, you are promoting your debut EP, The Scarecrow & The Manor. Can you tell us a little bit about this release? “The Scarecrow & the Manor” is our debut EP, and features three pretty diverse songs. “Ghost City Shores” was a song that was written when we were 15 years old, and is included on the album as an homage to the angst we felt as teenagers. You can definitely hear a pop-punk influence on that song, as our biggest influences at that age were Blink 182, Green Day, and bands of that ilk. “Feast of Fiends” is a song that Jared wrote and is essentially about being so caught up in someone despite the relationship being toxic and destructive. It has a Doors/Queens of the Stone Age/Nick Cave vibe, which is a nice contrast to “Ghost City Shores.” Finally, the title track, “The Scarecrow & the Manor,” was basically written in 15 minutes (laughs). At least the skeleton of the song was. We’re actually still refining it to this day, and play a completely different version of it live right now than what is on the EP, structurally speaking. It does seem to be a song that a lot of people resonate with. We recorded the entire EP in two days (with one extra day for mastering) at Applehead Studios, in Woodstock, NY.

You’re gearing up to hit the studio next month to start recording your debut album. What will this album be like? Expect to see even more variety with our sound. Some of our newer songs have a reggae-rock type feel, some are straight-ahead rockers, and we even have a few tearjerkers thrown in for good measure. We’re heading back to Applehead Studios and self-producing the album, although we still have our main-main Chris Bittner as our sound engineer. He did such an awesome job and really kept us focused when we recorded the EP.

How will it compare to your past releases, like the EP? Well, it’ll be much longer, to start (laughs). We expect there to be ten tracks, eleven if we’re really lucky and work quickly. “Feast of Fiends” and “Ghost City Shores” will actually be on the album, albeit with minor changes. I think the biggest thing that we’re going to try to do is get our live energy onto the album, especially with songs like “On the Third Day” and “The Wandering.”

What is next for you in 2017? Lots and lots of shows. An east coast tour, most likely coinciding with the end of the college school year. More music videos – we actually have a music video for “Feast of Fiends” coming out very soon, so be on the lookout for that. Oh, and Jim, our drummer, is getting married in April, so maybe we’ll see some little Kitari babies running around. We’ll play at the baby shower!!

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