Multi-genre singer/songwriter D. FRANCISCO is a true artist who has successfully melded old-world charm with vivacious Latin-Pop. As opposed to the trend-driven experiences of most artists his age, D. FRANCISCO has honed his craft through years of diligent training and commitment. From his early instrumental lessons and exposure to opera and symphony; through touring with the celebrated Phoenix Boys Choir; private and undergraduate vocal studies culminating in an opera internship in Rome, Italy; and finally additional vocal training with the eminent Seth Riggs, D. FRANCISCO has created a proficient foundation that is reflected in his stunning and unique merging of Operatic-Pop, Latin-Pop, and EDM.

“In Italian there is a saying, ‘Si canta como si parla,’ roughly meaning that one sings as one speaks, and singing is to speaking what running is to walking – it’s heightened, more intense. So my goal as an artist is to convey the human condition in all its different facets, and engage the audience in the process. It’s a journey I lead them on, so to speak, which is a manifestation of our mutual humanity, expressed in the universal language of music. Ultimately and thankfully, life is festive. Let’s celebrate it together, along with all the trials & tribulations, the joys & the heartbreaks we’ve encountered along the way.” – D. FRANCISCO

Who are some of your musical influences? D. FRANCISCO:  As far as musical influences, there are many fellow artists I deeply admire.  The following are but a few:  Plácido Domingo, Julio Iglesias, Alejandro Fernández, Luis Miguel, Roció & Shaila Dúrcal, Céline Dion, Shakira, & Thalia.

Your most recent single, “I Want Ya” has recently been placing the charts in Top 40 Radio. Can you tell us a bit about this song, and it’s success so far?

D. FRANCISCO:  It’s a super fun song about spotting a girl across the room, & being instantly smitten.  It’s a true party & celebration.  So far, it’s doing great both in the U.S., and in Europe, where it got up to #7 on the Euro Indie Chart at one point.

You have an album set to release in November. What can listeners expect to hear from this album?

D. FRANCISCO: Yes, my debut album:  “Troubador/Trovador”.  It’s a musical journey through different facets of love & life.  Every song is its own statement, and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

How is this work different from your past?

D. FRANCISCO:  This is my first album, so it’s my debut as a recording artist.

What was the recording process like? Is there a song that is your favorite?

D. FRANCISCO:The recording phase was truly one of the happiest times in my entire life. Everyday was spent at the studio, developing the songs and playing around with them & perfecting them, and then afterwards, recording them one by one. As for the songs themselves, I love them all. They are like children – each one unique, but all part of the same family.

What is next for you toward the end of 2016 into 2017?

D. FRANCISCO:  I’m super exciting about the release of the album, and then touring.  Be sure to stay posted!

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