The Latin-Pop explosion of the late 90’s was a solid shot-in-the-arm for audiences all over. This eclectic and energetic genre was finally getting it’s due, thanks in part to artists like Ricky Martin and Julio Iglesias. Fast forward to 2016, and we present to you D. FRANCISCO and his new single “I Want Ya”. It has all of the dance energy of the best Latin-Pop, but also incorporates twists reminiscent of more classical artists such as Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli.
While so many new artists create much hype yet have little substance to back it up, D. FRANCISCO has spent a lifetime perfecting his craft behind-the-scenes. His background consists of years of diligent training; starting with private instrumental lessons, moving to touring internationally with the celebrated Phoenix Boys Choir, and culminating with an opera internship in Rome, Italy.
The “I Want Ya” music video is a sizzling number that heats up quick, and burns hot until the very end. It’s set in a darkened club with a group of high rollers seated around a small table, and they’re playing a very big game of poker. Chips and dollars abound – it’s clear that the stakes are high. As D. FRANCISCO and his band light up the stage, a buxom new participant, dressed in all white, enters the match: Ana Carla Sinclair. Known as a contestant on The Voice Mexico, she takes a seat, portraying quite the foil to the sultry hostess and attending waitress, dressed in a sizzling black and red outfit, played by renowned dancer Nayara Nuñez. We caught up with Francisco right here on Entertwine to get details on his latest release!

Entertwine: You’ve been busy working on your new single, “I Want Ya”. What can you tell us about this single, and why you chose it as your first release? Well, it’s a very fun mix of Latin-Pop, Dance, & EDM, sung with a more classical vocal technique. I love that it’s uptempo, & great to dance to – a real party song.

Where did the idea or influence come from for this track? We were in the initial phases of developing the album when Hero said he had an idea for one of the tracks. I instantly loved it, and so we developed it from there. In the song, I just saw myself at a club somewhere, having the time of my life, & being smitten by this enchanting, sultry woman. Well, we thought it’d be great to incorporate different pet names in various languages for the chorus, and that’s what happened.

What went into the making of the music video for “I Want Ya”? I’ve been very blessed with a fantastic production team. KTEE & Orly approached me with this fascinating idea of having it take place at a private, after-hours club, with dangerous people involved in a high-stakes and probably illicit poker game! We were very lucky to get both Ana Carla Sinclair as the leading lady, and Nayara Nuñez as the dancer. Both are tremendously talented, and having them in the cast brought another dimension to the video altogether.

Besides the single and music video, can we expect a full length album from you soon? If so, when? Most definitely! It comes out on June 3rd.

What is next for you in 2016? We’re definitely adding a live performance element, and are in the beginning stages of planning a concert and touring schedule, so please stay posted.

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