Singing from the moment she can remember, Lynn was gracing stages by the time she was just five years old and by the age of nine she was jotting lyrics in her notepad wherever she went. At high school she had a little trouble fitting into established cliques turning to music as her escape. With no fewer than 4 piano teachers fighting a losing battle against the youngsters ADHD, Lynn had already gained enough confidence on the instrument on her own via trial and error:

 “It became a habit that anytime I felt upset or mad about something that happened to me I would just put it in a song”

Aged just 18, the singer displays an enviable level of maturity on her 2nd single. “Rise High” was written and composed by Lynn with producer Yoad Nevo (who famously worked with Sia, Moby and Sophie Ellis Bextor to name but a few) at Nevo Sound Studios in London. The track Influenced by pop music from the 90’s, with a more up to date production, shifting between soft clean pop to rock elements, giving a more powerful messy feel to the song. Lynn has most recently released her new single, “Rise High”, and we caught up with her about her musical past, present, and her recent release in our interview below 🙂

Tell us about your most recent single, “Rise High”! What went into the making of this work? On September 2016 during a session with Yoad Nevo in London, Yoad started playing some chords on the pad, and a melody immediately started playing in my head, I sang it to Yoad and something just clicked. We spent the day working on the playback, the night on the lyrics and by next morning, we had a ruff mix of the song.

What is your main goal for this single release? I’ve been into music and writing songs since forever, and always wanted to share my passion, my creation and my point of view of situations we all experience. There is a drive I can’t explain, to share my music with hopes that people will like and relate to.

What is your favorite part about this work?  It is very hard to point out a favorite part simply because I love every part of it, it’s all part of a new creation which is very exciting. With that being said, although it’s not part of the work itself, the best and most rewarding part is to know I was able to touch others with my music.

What would you say was the most challenging part of writing and recording this single?  Writing and recording was easy, the words were simply looking for a way out of my mind, the hardest part was putting my heart out there, knowing some won’t like it.

What made you write this song? What is it about? – It was driven by events and feelings I experienced, I guess it’s no secret that I was upset about someone, but I believe that just like many other songs, every person can interpret and relate to it in their own way.

Besides the release, what is next for you in 2017?  Wow, so much, I plan to release more songs, write new ones, finalize my live performance and start performing, improve my production skills, and so much more!

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