Have you been looking to showcase your talent, but don’t know exactly where to start? Mobstar could be just for you. Mobstar is a new APP for talent discovery, development and fan interaction. Once you join, Mobstar will provide talent with a global audience, mentoring from established artists, equipment to magnify your talent, a crowd-funding platform, and more! Mobstar is here to support those who are truly talented and who are willing to share their talent with the world! And for those you like to see talent this app is for you too! Join to be entertained and be a judge! All talent need your votes too! We got to speak to Mobstar’s Industry Relations Correspondent, Priscilla Caiza in order to get more information on what exactly Mobstar is, how it works, and how YOU can get started showcasing your talent today.

Could you explain to us in brief what Mobstar is, and how it works?

Mobstar is the first mobile platform for global talent that enables direct engagement between talent and fans. The app uses authentic 15 second videos (uploaded by talent), open competitions, and crowd-funding reinventing the discovery, support, and development of global talent. So anyone in the world can let their talents be seen and heard, all from the palm of their hand.

How it works? It’s very user friendly, all you need to do is download the app, create a profile and then record your talents! You get 15 seconds to showcase what you’ve got to a global audience of potential fans, sponsors and high profile mentors. So if you’re a singer just download the app, sign in, hit the record button, wait for the count down and sing!

What inspired the creation of Mobstar? What sets Mobstar apart from other similar smartphone applications?

Mobstar Founder, Brendan Morrissey is an artist himself. So he understands the challenges that talent face to be discovered, find support, and develop their career. Brendan had the original idea for this innovative solution over 7 years ago, the recent innovations and advancement in smartphones, social networks, crowd-funding, and digital mobile video platforms have enabled the right combination of technologies to launch Mobstar today.

Why should any artist join Mobstar? Does this app work in correlation with any other social media sites?

Mobstar was built so anyone in the world with talent can upload their gift and be seen by millions of fans and industry leading mentors. The app has removed the complicated (often embarrassing) audition process and the middlemen, to open up an even playing field for everyone.IMG_0658

Yes! You can share your videos from Mobstar to Facebook and Twitter so that your fan base can be increased and more of the world can see you!

When an artist joins Mobstar, what is the process like in order to gain an audience, and or a platform to further advance the career of the artist?

It’s easy! You just need to upload your talent to the app from your mobile device and people will start voting. Users should get their family and friends to download the app, join and vote!

Talent can actually A&R themselves because of our global voting and data. We can show talent what works and what doesn’t.

What can readers do right now to get started on Mobstar?
They can go to and get the links to get the Mobstar app on their phones. On the site you can also find more info about the whole Mobstar team, the current mentors we have, and blogs from the actual talent.

What does 2015 look like for you all as a company?

It’s all very exciting! Our music section is beyond successful. This year Mobstar is bringing our next categories for discovery; fashion, comedy and dance! We already have talent sending us videos and it’s all top notch. The Mobstar team can’t wait to see more great talent being uploaded everyday!

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