The funky songbird from the East, Irma puts together grooves, melodies, and harmonies that reflects her journey in live, love and music. With the ability of arranging and producing music organically and electronically,Irma brought her traditional Malaysian root sound into the music of Soul and R&B and make it her own distinct blend. Finding her ground in the “Big Apple” NYC after touring in the US, Europe and South East Asia, Irma is constantly spreading her wings reaching out to new souls with one mission; bringing people together through music.

Entertwine: You just released your album, “My World”, congrats! What influenced this album? This album is about my journey through the years of music, love and living live. My sound evolves as I move from one country to another, one state to another. As I get mature, so as my sound. This album is definitely influenced by my own evolution as a human being and the life I’m living in.

What was the recording process like? I was blessed to be able to work with amazing musicians like Cory Henry, Sharay Reed and many more. It was a very long process as I had to invest financially mainly on my own and also through indiegogo campaign, so it took a while to get all the recordings done.

Were you always attracted to the r&b genre? What attracted you to it initially? I always believe in my instinct and guts. And since I was exposed to R&B, I was so moved by the music and the history. I didn’t do much in trying to fuse my culture with the music because I do know my roots will naturally be reflected through my singing, sound and writing. My experience is different, hence my sound will always be different.

Any influences that swayed your decision to start performing and writing? Performing in front of thousands of people has always been my dream and I want to travel with my listeners through my music. Everyone has their own journey and it could be similar or different but reaching out to those who’s going through the similar and letting people’s voice being spoken through my music is definitely what I envision my music to be. If they go through it, they’ll feel it. If they don’t, they will understand being in the shoes of those who are going through each situations. That’s what mainly influence me to start performing and writing.

How has your hometown of Malaysia influenced your music career? What kind of music scene is there currently? Malaysia has a small but pretty strong scene. Filled with great musicians and a lot of well-known music festivals that expose Malaysia to different types of music and it’s growing pretty fast. I first studied music in Malaysia and it has definitely gave me a lot of directions of how I want my music and music career to be.

What is next for you in 2016? What can listeners expect to hear from you? 2016 will be the year of TOURING and traveling. I’m going to Los Angeles to release my album at Whisky A Go Go on May 4th. I’m also going back to Malaysia to do a release there and hopefully I’ll get some dates in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore too. Also I’ll be releasing my video for my second single “You” by the end of this year.

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