With over 1.5 million Facebook followers, Marcus Gill is a world renowned, motivational speaker, preacher, author, musician and social media marvel. His debut single, “My Day of Victory” is Available Now. Marcus Gill approach to ministry focuses on bridging the gap of cultures, ages, and society by offering a sound that is relative to every listener. It has become the call on his life, to repair the breach, restore the old waste places, and lead the way to prosperity His ministry is predicated to reach lost souls and inspire believers. 

Tell us about your latest single, “My Day of Victory”! What went into the making of this work? The song called my day of victory, is a song to help inspire people to believe that every day of their life is a winning day. I want people to be inspired even though things may not be so well in their life, that things will always change and get better for them. I want them to speak good words of themselves and over their families. I believe that because we are alive, we are all winners. People Love music and I knew that my positive words of inspiration connected to a song would inspire people even more. What went to the making of this work? Lots of time, reflection on my own life, great music producers background singers and creativity. I really prayed about it as well.

What is your main goal for this release? My main goal for this song is for it to be a inspirational song that crosses over all music genres. I am a preacher, and the song is inspirational, but I don’t want this song to just be limited to the ears of religious people. I want this song to be heard by people of all walks of life, because we all need to be inspired and reminded that we are all winners. This song will do that for every listener.

What would you say was the most challenging part of writing and recording this single was? I believe the most difficult part of writing and producing this song, was finding the right sound that would relate to everybody. I never want my messages, or now my music, to just be directed to one audience. So it was difficult for us to find that right sound that could reach every race, every religious belief, (whether you have one or not) and every age. Great work from my award winning producer Daniel Weatherspoon, and our background singers made, reaching a broader audience possible.

How did you get into motivational speaking, preaching, and writing? Contrary to what most people believe, music is actually my first love. I was a musician in the church, and I traveled with the preachers. I guess being around the preachers as I was traveling with them as a musician motivated me to become a motivational speaker, preacher and author as well. I was raised in the church, and I’ve always been involved in the music department. Now I preach, I write books and I travel all over the world sharing words of inspiration with just about every person that I come in contact with. It’s my passion, I love it and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else in this world. Now my messages are not only found in sermons or books, but now music.

Besides the release, what is next for you in 2017? I have a new book coming out in August 1 called, “everybody wants to win, nobody wants to wait” going to be a hit!

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Music link: itun.es/us/h7a1ib