Martin Strecker attended acting school while at the same time having a successful singing-gig at a theatre-café in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark that would bring him to his first ever recording session in 1996. After touring Central Europe with The BDB in 2002-2003 & 2005 he became a devoted School teacher and award winning radio host before returning to the music studio – this time in Istanbul. We caught up with Martin to chat about his extensive background in arts, which include talent in music, radio hosting, and even teaching. Get to know Martin Strcker in the interview below, right here on ET!

Tell us about your musical background, and career up until today! Well, I’ve literally done a bit of of everything. In the 1990’s I worked in the cabaret-theatre world singing, touring and also directing various cabarets. Acted and singing in musicals in my native Denmark. I was part of the succesful duo The BDB touring mainly Poland between 2002-2003 with a CD release in the pocket. In the years between 2005 and 2014 I was back in Denmark as a devoted school teacher and radio host, but after relocating to Istanbul, the music entered my life again, and here I am.

You have dabbled in music, radio, and teaching. Which one of these do you love the most? What did you learn from these experiences? Radio hosting was an amazing experience and one I am still doing from time to time. It was kind of a replacement from the music-life – the bonus now is that it has made it easier for me now as an indieartist to get airplay here and there. Whereas being a school teacher is a calling and music a passion. I can’t put my finger on certain things and say ‘this is what this and this taught me’ but together they’ve shaped me into the person I am today – I guess this reflects both my lyrics but also my sound.

What was the music scene like in Denmark? What is it currently like in Istanbul where you are currently living? The music scene in Denmark is good, but tough. It’s a small country, and there are lots of bands and singers around, also there’s a Danish thing called ‘jante-law’ meaning you shouldn’t enter the stage thinking you are ‘all that’ – and that’s my act: I am all that. and more… In Istanbul it’s tough as well, but in a different way. Here my sound isn’t the most popular, as the Turkish audience is very traditional and loyal to their music traditions. Gigs don’t really want to pay or provide you with anything. You have a lot of great bands who simply have stopped performing as it’s ‘too expensive’ for them to go to their gigs. That said, it’s here I’ve met a great team of producers, DJs and writers. In Turkey freedom of expression is under a lot of preassure, and when that happens – the arts become even more creative. Artists get together in a very intimate way, and that I think can be heard in my music – the intimacy.

Tell us about your most recent release/video! What is it about? What does this song mean to you? Well, it’s actually a Danish language song called “Hvis Du Kysser Min Hånd” (Kiss of the hand) I originally wrote as a teenager more than 20 years ago. A few days after the failed military coup in Turkey this summer, I was sitting in the studio playing a bit on the piano, my good friend and producer Dogan was walking around doing something with some cables. I began playing “Hvis Du Kysser..” – it felt nice with the Danish language, maybe it was all this sadness and insecurity around me, that made me kind of ‘home sick’. Anyway, an hour or so later, Dogan, who was still being oractical arund the studio, was huming the melody to “Hvis Du Kysser…” – I giggled and we both knew that we should at least try to record it. The song it self means a lot to me, all my songs do, but the whole set-up surrounding the recording and re-discovering the song was intense, amazing and comforting. The Video is a studio video, shot in the recording studio – while the aircon was on full blow, I’m still sweating like i’ve been working out for 3 hours ha ha – Istanbul summer…

What is next for you in 2016/early 2017? I’ve made a deal with a Turkish indie-label to relase an EDM single twards the end of the year. It’s a great happy and very catchy. After that there’s an idea on the table of a small club-tour with my EDM-tracks. So, I’m ready for 2017.

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