Maximum High is here. Vibrant and dynamic, delivers high energy rock beats that incorporates funk, dub, dance and punk sounds into their own identifiable style. Based out of Athens – Greece, they are long time known members of the local scene. Maximum High is: Irene Dimopoulou – vocals, Thanos Amorginos – guitar, Dimitri Koutsiouris – bass and Nick Zografos – drums. The first seed of their collaboration is a four track E.P. recorded in their own studio with a DIY approach and an anything goes mentality along with vintage analog equipment. Their self-titled E.P. is to be released on itunes next month. The artwork of the E.P. was made by Alteau, a famous French cartoonist who has created artwork for Rancid, the Undertakers, Happy wags and other artists. Their song Long Ago, which describes the long and difficult journey of a refugee has received airplay by radio stations globally. Maximum High is better listened to on Maximum high levels.

Tell us about your new EP! What went into the making of this work? Well after rehearsing and writing material as a new band for about a year, we felt confident enough, to lay down the first crop of songs we had. We were privileged in a way, as we had my personal studio as the medium.

What was the recording process like? The recording process was like no middle persons just us committing the best performance we could. The main goal was to capture the band live and raw at its best, no studio gimmicks, it’s like replicating how it’s done on stage.

What is your main goal for this release? Well as individuals we have our personal influences but the goal is to create something that feels fresh and unique. We just had our first live show six d.o.g.s in Athens and it couldn’t have been better. Full house and great overall .We felt blessed!!!

Who were some of your inspirations for this EP? Well as individuals we have our personal influences but the goal is to create something thats feels fresh and unique.

What is next for you in 2017? Shows? Releases? We almost have enough material for a full length album. We are putting the final touches to it to start recording again.

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