Milyssa Rose is a passionate and multi-talented Pop Artist who was born in Detroit, Michigan. At age six, her family moved to Marietta, Georgia, where she currently resides. Since day one, she knew with every fiber of her being, that entertainment was her ultimate aspiration. Growing up, the arts were always of primary focus. Milyssa participated in Community Theatre, modeling, various commercials, and numerous talent shows. To further perfect her musical craft, Milyssa also has been studying with a vocal coach for many years, and recently starting taking piano lessons. During her late teens, she began writing lyrics and experimenting with a wide variety of production teams. She joined forces with Strong Foundation & Co., Papi Hey of 2 Gran Productions, Shazam X of Ugly Face Productions, Chethan Music, and Major Moves Recording Studios. Milyssa felt that being more involved in the creative process would expand her horizons and evolve her innate skills.  Over the years, Milyssa has won numerous awards, such as the AUMA Radio Best Female Vocalist (2015), Straight Ally 2014 for Meak Productions, Akademia Music Awards for Best Pop four times (2014/2016), Poze Records Best Music Video (April 2014), and Follow Because I am Hot (Hot Block Magazine, 2013). In the future, Milyssa’s dream is to continue to enhance her talents as an artist and performer and envisions having her very own Production Company, Talent Company, and clothing line. She also wants to continue giving back to her community by raising funds and volunteering her time to HIV/AIDS, Battered Women and Children, as well as Animal Rights Organizations. With Milyssa’s unwavering determination, dedication, and drive, nothing will be able to stand in her way of Superstardom.

Entertwine: You just released a new single/video for “Can’t Lose Your Love” Feat. Raxiel Sinz. What influenced this song? Raxiel and I wanted to do a love song with an unconventional twist to it. We are huge crime/thriller junkies. Raxiel and I are big on story lines and thinking outside of the box. We were able to convey the story through our video.

What was the filming process like for the video? It was a wonderful experience. As we started filming more ideas came to the table and we are possibly doing a sequel.

Were you always attracted to the pop/dance genre? What attracted you to it initially? I love all types of music but the pop/dance genre is what I prefer to do. I like catchy beats, melodies, and hooks. I am attracted to the feel good vibes and the international reach pop music can take an artist.

Any influences that swayed your decision to start performing and writing? Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, AFI, The Neighbourhood, Lady Gaga, G Eazy, and Christina Aguilera. I like artists who are hands on in their music and their success. I am not big into the manufactured and boxed in artists. I like artists that step out of the norm.

How has your hometown of Atlanta influenced your music career? What is your favorite part of Atlanta’s music scene? The Atlanta scene is a tough market. Everyone does music. The scene really has encouraged me to be myself and keep growing and learning as an artist. Atlanta has a huge urban market. I have added a bit of its flavor into my newer music. My favorite part is the influx of music in the city. We are now a Hollywood/LA.

What is next for you in 2016? What can listeners expect to hear from you? I am releasing a new project with Raxiel Sinz. More shows, more videos, and more surprises. Listeners can expect to hear a sweeter side of me. I am exploring the softer side of myself.

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