One-L, an up and coming rapper in Los Angeles, is starting the year off with a bang thanks to his album LEVELS. An anagram for leaving every virtue entirely lost in success. Based on the chakra system, follow along and contemplate your own success and morals with the inner energies brought forth by the creative mind of One-L.

Tell us about your newest project, “Levels” and “Black Matter”. What went into the writing and recording process for these two works? Levels is based on the chakra system of different centers of energy, so as you follow along I contemplate my own success and morals using the inner energies brought forth, in order to create this album.

Levels is an anagram for leaving every virtue entirely lost in success, so I tried to stray away from my usual works to fully capture the energy sources on which each track is based.

Black Matter is also an anagram. Before levels arrives cautiously know my attempts to takeover everything reshow. Black Matter is basically my return to music as I had taken over a year off to set my mind straight and learn as much as I could in order to create the best possible music I could.

What does your new single, “111” mean to you? 111 represents the date 1/1/2017, but it also symbolizes the achievements I hope to accomplish during the year 2017.

What is your main goal you’d like to accomplish through your music? My main goal for my myself is to grow as an artist and as a person and to become successful by always release quality music for people to enjoy.

Any surprises for your upcoming shows in LA? The best secrets are those that are kept. If you want a surprise your gonna have to come by. If you want to see the real One-L, follow my Instagram or twitter for my show dates : One_L_MusicK

What is next for you in 2017? In 2017 I am releasing one song every fist of the month! I am also doing shows regularly so stay tuned!

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