Phillip Foxley is a songwriter / guitarist from the UK. He writes music for TV and film soundtrack licensing and also songs for more established artists. With influences like Snowy White, David Gilmour, Mick Ronson, Leslie West, Gary Moore, Foxley has now released his own debut album entitled “I’ll try ’till I die” which is an eclectic collection of his original blistering blues rock guitar and soft acoustic and piano tracks written over the years. Foxley says “Every track means so much and every note is from my very soul”.

Tell us about your debut album, “I’ll try ’till I die”. What went into the making of this album? Well, the album is a recent collection of over 22 of my own tracks written over many years. On the plus side, each track is very different, on the negative side; I don’t fit into any particular genre that potential fans can relate to. I guess this is because these days I tend to write for pitching to a specific film/tv licensing opportunity, which can call for anything from a single acoustic guitar, through to hard shredding instrumental rock tracks. The album has it all.

I wrote some of the tracks over twenty five years ago, then I had a long hiatus to do other things e.g. concentrate on work career and family etc. The weird thing is that, when I started writing again, I realised to my surprise that the new tracks had a similar style about them so (I think) the album sounds pretty evenly balanced in terms of having my own individual ‘sound’.

What was the recording process like? As I wanted to record the album myself in my ‘bedroom’ studio with no real time constraints, it took simply ages to make. The learning curve was short but really tough because initially, I just couldn’t get the sound I wanted and with sufficient audio quality for radio stations to playlist it.

Then I had a guitar instrumental track called ‘Time’ re-mastered by an established Producer called Stuart Epps, which I used as a sound ‘reference’ for all the other tracks. Stuart made this look so easy I initially thought “how hard can it be” – how wrong I was! Anyway, even though I simply couldn’t get that great ‘full on’ production sound that Stuart has at his fingertips, I’m actually really pleased with how the album turned out, and, when I said in the album liner notes “Every track on this album means so much and every note is from my very soul”, I meant every word.

What is your main goal for this album release? Great question; The main goal was to create a ‘scrapbook’ of musical ideas and chord/melody snippets collected over the years – just for posterity really. A released album was not the original intention. However, the more I got into the recording process, the more instruments I added to complete the songs. So, in a way, the album sort of evolved into the released version.

Who were some of your inspirations for this album? Well, for the guitar instrumentals, the main influences (in no particular order) were Joe Satriani, Johnny Winter, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmore and Andy Powell. For the vocal tracks, David Bowie (particularly on all version of ‘I Don’t Fit In!’), Jim Morrison, Duffy and Amy Winehouse. My wife Dawn was also a great influence on ‘Demon Lover’ although she’s not too keen on the song title :-).

What is next for you in 2017? Shows? Releases? No shows planned at this time as these days I prefer working in my own time, in my own mini studio. I have four new songs in the pipeline right now, so the idea is that album will just continue to grow and grow. Not a great marketing strategy I know but it works for me.

Anyone buying the album and dropping me an email will receive a special code to download the latest version for free!

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