Reminiscent of older 80’s dark wave in combination with heavier, distorted guitar & electro-pop esque production. Accompanied by a surreal, psychedelic yet raw & authentic video, pierre XO makes his debut single a statement to acknowledge, and we got the inside scoop from our interview with Pierre right here on Entertwine!

Tell us about your debut single release! What is this song about? What influenced you the most for this track? I wrote “disappear” during a pretty turbulent time in my life. The song was written in a period of time where I felt as if I had no control over anything around me. Without giving too much away, the song speaks on how things could be better if we were to just let go & not impose too much of our own will on a situation.

What was the writing/recording process like for this track? The music studio I was living at with my musician friend Twon was in the process of being sold, & I only had about a month left to work on anything. I started laying down the track as soon as possible and eventually finished it within the next 3 days. The video was shot about a week after in literally a day with videographer Sam Greye. It all happened very quickly and naturally.

 It was quite the release when everything was finished though. I felt like everything that I was going through within the last year was finally encapsulated within the song & music video. It’s very liberating to see it all done and out there now.

Are you currently working on your upcoming album? Can you tell us a bit about the process that is/will go into this recording? When will the album be released? I definitely have songs that are unreleased, on top of the new stuff I’m currently working on. Now that I’ve finished moving & the new studio is set up, I can finally take the time to start writing again. It’s been a real painful, yet enlightening few years but I feel like it’s finally starting to pay off. Fortunately, all of these bruises (mental ones too) from banging into stuff while holding 30 pound boxes weren’t for nothing.

I’ve had to sell a lot of recording equipment, but kept all that was necessary in order to write. The stuff that I’m planning on releasing is very personal, & insightful. The overall sound is nostalgic yet contemporary. I’m extremely excited for this current project.

I have always been a huge fan of musicians that incorporate all mediums of art into their craft. Whether it’d be Prince, Jackson, Bjork or Bowie; all of them used every medium possible to further express themselves. They blended art, music, fashion, film, theater, & etc… in a cohesive yet very significant manner.

As for albums, I don’t think the time we live in really allows room for the “album.” However, what I do have in mind are more singles, with accompanying visuals/videos for each song. I am definitely open to the idea of an album further down the line, but in the age of dank memes and snapchat, everything is literally opened for 10 seconds & forgotten. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just times are changing & we have to find a way to assimilate with a rapidly changing culture.

What can listeners expect to hear from this album that they may not have heard in past work(s)? Being that this would be my debut album, expect nothing & everything.

What is next for you in 2016? 
2016 has been insane. I’ve went from being a front-man in my old band to having magazine shoots in other states. Right now, I might possibly even have a short film, & a separate gallery exhibit on me release sometime later this year or next year. Things are picking up and I couldn’t be any more grateful for all of it.

 As ambitious as I am, I want to do everything. There are so many facets of our reality that are left unexplored. Life is heavily unpredictable & spontaneous, and there’s too much to experience. I want to live through & do as much as I can during my temporary stay here on Earth. As crazy as it gets, it’s all apart of the ride.

However, I’m not sure what’s in store for me just yet. We’ll see.

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