RALPHY’s sound is sexy, stimulating and totally addictive. Since making the leap to the U.S, this Melbourne born Aussie pop-siren has been taking the underground L.A club scene by storm..With her disco-ball in hand and intoxicatingly sensual beats, avante-garde style and mesmerizing stage presence. In 2015 RALPHY just released her  single LOVER & is prepping hard for the release of her debut EP, PeaceLover. Check out below RALPHY’s official music video for “LOVER” below, and our exclusive interview with her below, right here on ET!

Entertwine: Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us! You just wrapped up recording your brand spankin new single, correct? What was this recording process like for your single, “LOVER”? This track was a very long process I wrote it going on over a year ago.  I recorded with one producer, and was not happy with the outcome, so got together with another producer who reworked the instruments. I was so much happier with this outcome; I feel the extra time and worry was worth the outcome in the end.

Where did the inspiration for the single develop from? The song is about gay lovers standing strong and free on the dance floor. It’s just a fun song that embraces how love connections are made when we lose our inhibitions on the dance floor. Its sexy, fun and you can’t help but dance and feel the beat.

You’re an Australian native – How did growing up in Australia influence you musically? How about your current hometown, LA? My dad loves his music! Records were always playing in our house, and he loved the Beatles and Status Quo. The Rolling stones were another favourite. My parents loved going to concerts, and I was taken to some quite young. David Bowie was mums all time favourite so I was lucky enough to have him enter my life at a young age, watching his music videos on countdown. We watched Labyrinth and The Rocky horror show over and over, too. I did years of classical ballet contemporary dance and musical theatre, so I feel this was a great influence on my love of pop music – especially combining the music with the creativity of costumes and  dancers on stage for an exciting visual affect.

When did you start to pursue music? When did you know it was something you really wanted to do? It sounds cliche but honestly I have always wanted to be a performer, I started dancing at the age of 3 then moved onto musical theatre from primary school through to high school. It was in high school when I started songwriting at around 13 and it was then that I first felt the power of being able to move an audience and make people feel something. Although my style has totally developed from those days, it was then that I knew this is what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. So I have never stopped and I never will.

What’s your interpretation of the music video for your single, “LOVER”?

My interpretation of the music video is cheeky fun and a little risque

LOVER Music Video

RALPHY YouTube Cannel

What is your most memorable live performance? Why? I love performing it is my happy place the stage.  My most memorable performance to date was at the Mint in LA. I performed my new songs from the EP and received a great response from the audience!

When it comes to your influences, who do you look up to, and why? What characteristics from them inspire you? Madonna, Kylie Minogue, David Bowie , Gold Frapp, Daniel Johns recent album ‘Talk’ blew my mind. Cindi Lauper just all the legends you know. Oh do I have to pick one person? Let me think, mmmmm I think I’d have to say David Bowie! He is just so talented and I love his ability to transform his performances each and every time, in a way that is always current. I love the creativity that he oozes and his commitment to performing so it would have to be him. I mean his costumes are so so good!

When you aren’t writing or recording, what takes up your free time? I love fashion, so when not recording or rehearsing I’ll be checking out vintage shops in L.A.  I love thrifting and creating a new look out of old things making costumes and stage props.  I will soon be joining teaming up with Hot Box Vintage we will be collaborating and reworking vintage pieces into a modern twist, keep an eye out!

What can listeners expect from you in 2016? I’ll be dropping my EP lover on the 5th of April, I’m very excited about this. i have many things in the pipeline but not elaborating yet.

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