Nurbek Komekov is a Kazakhstani singer and music enthusiast. He is better known with his stage name “Nurtuan”. Nurbek is also known as a producer, poet, and music director. He founded his own record label “Nurtuan Records” in 2012, a sound recording firm now operating in California. He currently resides in Los angeles, California.

The beautiful voice of Elan Noelle; the melodious voice of Nurtuan; sweet, romantic and trendy lyrics; and a superb pop music composition – is what defines the new release from the rising star Nurtuan ‘I like the way feat. Elan Noelle’. You are missing out big time if you still haven’t heard it yet.

I especially love the way the song starts with a mellow and Elan Noelle picks up her lines quite nicely with the music. Then Nurtuan comes with his power-packed vocal and the next thing you would do actually move your body with the music and be on the groove. You would lose in the melody of this charming song. Nevertheless, I can guarantee that you will love this song!

Both the vocals did a great job and I thoroughly enjoyed the song. The music has a certain infectious and catchy melody that would keep you on the hook for a longer period.

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