Artist 1200Money was born in Washington DC started writing songs at 11. He then began recording at the young age of 13 years old. Today, he has pursued his career as a rapper  and is now working on his 3rd album “The Last Standing.” This hot new album is scheduled to be released 5-5-15 under the TylerFly imprint – meanwhile his latest single “My Year” was just released May 1st. Enjoy our interview with 1200Money below.

ET: How did you get into rap and hip hop? When did you realize it was something you really wanted to get into?

1200Money: I always liked music as a kid, my god brother had a studio when I was 13. He was already established as a artist in the area. I told him I wanted to rap, he took me to the studio and I recorded my first song at 13. I got a good response from my community and I knewbdrom that moment I wanted to pursue it as a career

ET: Who are some of your influences when it comes to rap and hip hop, and why?

1200Money: Tupac,Jay-Z,Kanye West, Lil Wayne. All these guys bare trendsetters and innovaters of the game. They are what I consider true artist, also each one I listed pushed the envelope of creativity.

ET: Whats the story behind your stage name?

1200Money: My rap name was MoneyMike when I first started rapping but were I was living in Washington DC in TylerHouse apartments were basically my career started people call me “Money”. So I just added the 1200, kinda like a unbreakable bond always showing love remembering were it started.

ET: How did the DC area influence your rap career? Did you find that the scene was very supporting of your music?

1200Money: The DC area not only influenced my music but my life. The food,The Go-Go’s (a local DC Music) Foamposite Epidemic, trends, slang, the people. everything about DC influenced my me and my music. The scene not only was supportive of my career they still are and I am very grateful for that

ET: Tell us about your upcoming album release (May 5th, 2014), “The Last Standing.” What can fans expect? What was the recording process like for you? 

1200 Money: My new album “The Last Standing” is my third studio release and will be released under the Tyler Fly imprint. I worked on a few songs out the country, none the less I worked hard. Fans can expect high quality street music and some of my best work to date. Period.

Connect With 1200Money:
www.Reverbnation. com/1200Money

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